3 Mesmerizing Improvement in Home Design – It’s All About Light


Nowadays, design is as important as functionality, so lighting certainly became the new way to transform a space and give it the desired look. Thanks to technology, and the overall clever inventions, you can truly design your space and make it look like it came from a magazine – even without major constructing and renovating! That’s why a lot of designers like to incorporate different sources of light and use them for enhancing the space. 

This is also good, as you can change it whenever you like. It’s not permanent so if you want to switch to something totally new, you can do so as light is easily tamable and changeable! So here are 3 mesmerizing improvements in home design that revolve around light!

Focus on the Natural Light

Nothing can compare with the natural light, right? And while that might be true, not everyone lives in sunny locations, whilst others hardly get any daylight due to the poor construction of their homes. There are actually ways to improve the natural light in your home, even with all the restrictions there are always neat tricks you can use to your advantage. Changing the color of the space and adding more white to it, will automatically make it more bright and vibrant, as the light naturally reflects off of white! 

Also adding mirrors can not only make your space appear bigger by creating an illusion, but it will also help with reflecting and catching more light! You can indulge in some remodeling, and maybe widen your windows a little bit, or even add new ones, but that might take a lot of time, money, and effort, so try to find easier solutions that suit your needs! And remember that any light is good, and better than no light at all!

Lighting as Decor

Let’s face it a lot of homes simply don’t have the luxury of big, bright windows everywhere, so homeowners simply have to opt for alternative ways to brighten up their space. Thankfully, nowadays you can find all sorts and kinds of lighting systems you can easily add to your space, not only will it brighten up your room, it will give it more character and style in no time! 

No more expensive and tacky chandeliers and borough light bulbs – now you can find lighting fixtures in all shapes and sizes, even tables that light up! Creators of Lighting Style claim that lighting can truly transform the space in such an easy and effortless way. This is also apartment-friendly, as there would be no remodelings involved, you can just pick up an interestingly shaped lamp and your believing room will instantly look more appealing to the eye. You can also do something out of the box, like different colored light bulbs or neon wall art that lights up, with it the possibilities are endless and you don’t even have to pull out your toolbox!

It’s All About the Details

Sure, some windows can be a decorative piece on their own, but in most cases, windows are just windows! But adding just any kind of blinds won’t do you any good. Even if the initial purpose of the blinds is to give you more privacy and dim the natural light coming inside, you can still work around it and be creative! First, you need to understand your space – how bright is the room in question and how to find the perfect blinds for it. 

There is a distinct difference between colors, patterns, and shapes when it comes to blinds, some blinds go better with certain rooms, depending on the wall color, furniture, and decor. So with that being said, the type of blinds you chose, can impact the space a lot, and totally change the lighting in your room. Even if your space is not gifted with lots of open and big windows, adding white blinds might just do the trick in brightening up the room. Apart from blinds, you can also experiment on drapes, stained glass windows stickers, window films, and more.

A big reason why using light to your advantage is such a clever way to improve your home, it’s because it has no style and distinct aesthetic it falls into – so anyone can use it, regardless of the overall style of the home.  So regardless if you’re into clean-cut beach houses, vintage apartments, or penthouses, different kinds of lighting can totally add to space and transform it in any way you like, and there is no way it’ll look bad, so you can’t go wrong!  

Just pick a direction you will go, regardless if it’s adding interesting artificial lighting, or working on enhancing your natural lighting – it will all add charm and character to your home in no time!