5 Common Casino Myths & The Real Truth


Casinos may have some societal stigmas, but they remain a part of human culture. People enjoy the thrill of gambling and are naturally drawn to potential earnings. In Great Britain, from April 2019 to May 2020, gambling accounted for £14.2 billion. This astonishing number goes to show how widespread gambling is in the UK, and the trend continues across the western world and beyond.

Apart from lotteries and sports betting, most of the gambling is done in casinos where players can take advantage of a plethora of games and tables. Everyone’s first time in a casino is likely to be an eye-opener as they see first-hand what the gambling industry is really like. However, even those who frequent casinos may still be fooled about some of the preconceived notions about casinos.

From all the publicity casinos such as ice casino bonus bez depozytu get, there is an awful lot of false information flying around. It’s no surprise, however, that movies, newspapers, and other media outlets like to paint gambling as a dirty habit. To set the record straight, we’ve compiled a list of 5 major casino myths and the real truth behind those notions.

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Counting Cards is NOT illegal

Casinos and gambling are two widespread cultural phenomena. As such, there are various movies about gambling, but unfortunately, some of those movies can give people false ideas. One such idea is that counting cards are illegal or that you can get arrested for doing so. That is simply false. Counting cards is not illegal. However, that isn’t to say that casinos like it when you count cards.  

All casinos are likely to have protocols to follow when they believe someone is counting cards at a table. After all, for the well-trained eye, it’s easy to spot someone who is playing above one’s normal luck.

So, if you know how to count cards, feel free to use your skill! At the same time, be vigilant for signs that casino workers are on to you, or you may just be thrown out.

Slot Machines DO NOT Have Big Wins After a Dry Spell

The idea that when slot machines haven’t paid out in a while, they do for a big win just doesn’t hold. Slot machines do not have some threshold of the number of users or games played before someone wins. The machine is just that—it’s a machine.

Slot machines operate by using a random number generator on each spin. That is, each time someone pulls the lever on a slot machine, all prior attempts to win do not play into the probability of winning. Each time someone plays, they have the same chance of winning.

 Casinos DO NOT Pump Oxygen

This is a quite fun myth. Many people believe that casinos are secretly pumping oxygen inside to keep people awake and focused on gaming. The simple way to dispel this is to say that no, casinos are not pumping oxygen to keep their gamblers inside.  It’s not just that casinos don’t pump oxygen, they simply cannot. Oxygen is a flammable gas and pumping an excess of such a gas would lead to insurance complications and could potentially break other regulations.

The reality is that casinos might make the rooms a bit chillier than you’d like, but there is no extra oxygen in the air. Next time you go to a casino, pay attention to the air temperature and see for yourself.

Casino Games Are NOT Rigged

Many people like to think that casinos are rigged. People believe that casinos have deliberately set up their machines to steal money from people and payout as little as possible to dispel the notion of such cheating. This is an important myth to debunk. Casinos have not rigged any of their games.

Sure, casinos prefer if you didn’t win big, but they aren’t deliberately acting to kill your chances of winning. Casino games are, however, designed to make it difficult for gamblers to win, as casinos are a business after all, and they need to make money. But this is obvious. You don’t go to a casino expecting to win big. Instead, you go into a casino thinking you have a small chance to win.

Furthermore, casinos are regulated. There are governing bodies that ensure games are not “rigged”.

Gambling is NOT All Luck

The last myth that needs to be debunked is that gambling is not all luck. After all, there are plenty of national and international competitions for card games. You can’t say that those professional Texas hold’em players win solely by luck, can you?

There are several games which are all luck. Any machine you play is likely to be luck. On the other hand, playing poker can come down to skill. You need to know the rules, when the best time is to bet, and so on. It’s possible to win, and to lose, at many of these table games based on luck, but you’re better off learning about the game and practicing before you play.  

The Bottom Line

Casinos and gambling are here to stay. Different people have different reasons for going to casinos. Some genuinely want to make money, while others just want to have a good time. However, one thing is for sure, people love casinos. Thus, to improve their reputation, it’s important to debunk some of the most important myths. If you have that itch to go to a casino, check out the top casinos in the UK here!