5 English News Websites to Learn More about Happenings in Kuwait


Are you looking for a place online where you can catch all the latest happenings in Kuwait in the English Language?

Below are five English news websites in Kuwait that you will want to check out.

Kuwait Times
The Kuwait Times is the first English-language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf Region. It is based in Kuwait and publishes contents that cover almost every aspect of one’s interest from local and international news to business, sports, lifestyle, and sections for printed games.
Website: http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) is a national agency that began operation in 1979 with the goal of gathering and generating news for distribution to individuals and media institutions. It is headquartered in Kuwait City’s Shuwaikh Administrative area. Its website provides the latest information on almost every area of life and society both in Kuwait and the world with three language options—English, French, and Arabic—from which visitors can choose.
Website: https://www.kuna.net.kw/

Kwt Today
Launched in 2014 as a media company, The Kwt Today news website offers views on trending topics in Kuwait and around the world. They publish up-to-date content on a wide range of topics such as Politics, Sports, Health, Showbiz, Culture, Tech, Science, and more making it an excellent mind-enriching source for anyone with an interest to stay informed about happenings in Kuwait and its environ.
Website: https://kwttoday.com

Arab Times
The Arab Times covers Kuwait and other countries in the GCC. It started as a weekly tabloid but has grown into a daily newspaper. In keeping to trend, Arab Times Online offers a very convenient service that allows people to subscribe and receive the latest news on their smartphones and gadgets via Whatsapp.
Website: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/

Arab News
Arab News is a daily newspaper published by Saudi Research & Publishing Company. Started since 1975, Arab news currently offers daily print and digital publication on latest happenings under various segments which include Saudi Arabia, Middle East, World, Business, Sport, Media, Lifestyle, and Opinion. It also has a particular page on its website that focuses on current happenings in connection to Saudi Arabia’s 2030 developmental vision. On the website, visitors can download a PDF version of the Arab News daily print edition which they can read offline on the go.
Website: http://www.arabnews.com/

We hope you won’t miss out on any happenings in Kuwait and its environ again.

Enjoy your time reading!