5 of the best online schools in London that gained popularity at the peak of the pandemic


To say 2020 was hell is an understatement. We were on a cycle of consistently falling flat on our faces, and we just couldn’t do anything about it. The impacts of Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically. With social distancing protocols, seeing each other at school isn’t even a thing anymore. While there are many ways to get ahead even during a pandemic, school is here to stay.

All over the world, countries were quick to adapt to distance learning. In London, UK, here are the top 5 online schools that took off during the pandemic:

1. InterHigh Online School

InterHigh is an online homeschool program. Because of the switch to distance learning, more parents have opted to homeschool their kids instead. If you’re one of them, InterHigh will help you make sure that your kids are still getting a quality education at home. If you lack confidence in teaching some topics or you think your child needs improvement or an essay writer in certain areas, you can turn to InterHigh for their lessons from qualified teachers.

2. PrimaryLeap

With PrimaryLeap, you can sign up as a Parent, Tutor, or School and gain access to thousands of worksheets and learning content. As a parent or educator, it’s great to know that their program is aligned with the UK national curriculum. Thus, you’re sure about meeting your child’s needs for their grade level. It’s even a more powerful tool for schools since they can manage students’ performance in their centralized system.

3. My GRE Exam Preparation

Do you have a child that’s off to college soon? Head on to My GRE Exam Preparation’s homepage for their overview of exam study guides and courses! From GRE to LSAT, My GRE Exam Preparation has got you covered.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the My GRE Exam Preparation’s expertise is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). If you’re a professional eyeing this nerve-wracking standard test for the longest time, these prep courses can help you prepare and pass. Reliable test information, test-taking techniques, study guides, and practice tests are readily available on their website.

4. London School Online

London School Online (LSO) is under the London School of English and Foreign Languages. If you’re not a native English speaker, LSO has online and blended learning solutions for you. Their approach is practical and they will tailor-fit your training according to your needs. Their most popular courses are General, Business, Skype, and Legal English.

5. London Online College

The London Online College prides itself on helping students obtain their degrees anytime, anywhere. If your curiosity is piqued, you might be interested in their Foundation, Undergraduate, or Masters degree programs. Their units are widely accepted—great for wherever you apply for higher education!

You may be quite bummed with the changes brought by the pandemic, but the health and safety of you or your children will always come first. Learning never stops, and we do what we can to evolve. And don’t forget to always check out our site for the latest London news. Stay safe!