What Every Cat Parent Should Have at Home


Raising a cat is not an easy task. It’s a life-long commitment that comes with many responsibilities. New cat owners might feel confused about what they need to buy to cater to their furry baby’s comfort as well as theirs. Every cat parent wants the best for their baby, but it can get overwhelming with so many available products in the market. If you are new to this fulfilling responsibility, here are some of the most important items that you should consider buying for your cat to make your life easier and more hygienic.

Games and Toys

Unfortunately, a few cat owners think that a healthy diet is all that their cats need to grow up healthy. However, besides food and diet, there is mental and physical wellbeing that must be attended to. To ensure that your cat is stimulated physically and mentally, you need a variety of toys to keep your cat from getting bored. Interactive toys are the best to keep your cat busy with mental and physically stimulating activities.

A Hair Vacuum

Any cat parent is quick to figure out that cats normally shed a lot of hair daily, just like humans. Cats even shed more hair as the weather warms in spring. Felines with a diet that revolves around fish products might also lose more hair than usual. Shedding causes a serious issue for every cat parent who tries to maintain the cleanliness of their houses. Experienced reviewers from How To Home understand how critical solving this problem actually is. Finding a solution is even more critical when there is someone in the house that has an allergy to these fine hairs.

A Scratching Post

If you don’t want to ruin your furniture that you have spent a lot of money on, then a scratching post is an essential item for any cat parent. Scratching posts are perfect for physical stimulation as well as keeping felines away from scratching sofas and other furniture pieces.

Food and Water Bowls

While most cat parents have no problem sharing their plates and cups with their cats, it is scientifically proven that the healthier option is to provide designated food and water bowls specially dedicated for your feline friend. Most importantly, you need to ensure that these bowls are regularly cleaned and disinfected with harmless products.

A Sifting Litter Box

Having a litter box when you have a cat goes without saying, but there is a better option. A sifting litter box can save you from going through the daily hassle of cleaning the litter box and maintaining it. With a sift, you can choose a more eco-friendly litter option, such as wood pellets. Not only will this save you time and money, but wood pellets are the healthier option for you and your cat as they don’t emit toxic fumes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Any cat parent will attest to the fact that cats are naturally curious beings. Just like little babies, they lick and eat any item that crosses their paths. This little habit of theirs is endearing and cute, but it can also be quite dangerous. Even the most careful parent might still have to deal with this situation; this is when hydrogen peroxide comes to the rescue. If you are in doubt that your cat has consumed something that they shouldn’t, it’s better to consult the doctor about the suitable dosage for their weight and age to avoid serious health complications.

Ear Cleaners

If you have raised many cats, you probably know that ear problems and infections are very common. These are considered a common occurrence, but they still form a source of nuisance for our feline babies. You will notice physical cues that indicate ear problems, such as constant digging at the ears or shaking of the head. Ear cleaners and a cleaning routine are the only way to combat these problems. The ear cleaning fluid is usually efficacious; however, it’s still better to consult your vet to reach the best possible suitable treatment for your fur baby.


Making a new feline best friend is always exciting, but this commitment does come with certain responsibilities that must be attended to. Every cat parent wants the best for their little babies. If you are a new cat owner or a dedicated cat parent who still searches for the best products to ensure their baby’s wellbeing and happiness, these previously mentioned items are considered essential. This way, you will be well-prepared for handling different issues and problems that you or your cat might stumble upon.