5 Reasons why solicitors are ditching the traditional solicitor role to become legal consultants


Many companies are adopting new business models and the traditional role of solicitor is evolving as a result. Businesses are making the switch to remote working, hybrid models, outsourcing externally, and more. This offers more freedom and flexibility than the confines of 9-5 hours in an office setting. 

The legal industry is now adapting to this modern approach. There are two options for solicitors, working for a law firm or self-employed as a consultant. With the help of online career portals and specialist consultancy groups offering them the support they need, more solicitors are becoming legal consultants. 

If you’re interested in making the switch, here are a few of the benefits of becoming a self-employed consultant solicitor.

  • Improved Work vs Life Balance

The main advantage that attracts most solicitors is the flexibility. As a consultant solicitor, you can manage your time in a way that works for you and improve your overall work/life balance. You are able to choose the projects you work on and for the duration you prefer. 

Although there are inherent risks involved in having to find clients yourself, it is possible to arrange your caseload around family and leisure time with more flexibility than working in an office situation 9-5. You also have the freedom to take time for yourself between projects. This type of working pattern is often preferable for new families in 2021, for example.

  • Greater Variety of Work

In a private practice, solicitors may focus on a certain area or industry, for example. If you work as a consultant you have the opportunity to branch out and learn new things. This will have a more positive effect on your professional development. It can lead to more challenging roles and this experience will look great on your portfolio. 

Each assignment you take on will seem like a new job at first which encourages you to develop useful soft skills such as problem-solving and adaptability.

  • More Modern Approach

Although more flexible business models have been emerging for a while, the pandemic certainly accelerated their implementation and popularity. This is why working as a consultant solicitor is an effective way to future-proof your career. Many businesses and individual clients value those who offer more flexible services. 

This can save them both time and money. You can hire a legal consultant on a short-term basis per project, and expect a more tailored service. 

  • Greater Client Satisfaction

Working as a consultant allows you to dedicate yourself fully to each individual assignment which usually results in greater client satisfaction. You will have direct access to your client which will result in improved communication. It’s easier to develop a rapport with them which will hopefully lead to positive reviews and referrals. 

Legal consultants have more control over each case and reaching out to clients. This does mean taking on more responsibility in different areas including setting expectations, marketing, and onboarding. 

This is why many consultant solicitors work with agencies that offer them the support they need in finding clients and managing legal requirements and with other areas such as accounting.

  • Control Over Your Career Path

Being a consultant solicitor gives you complete control over every aspect of your career path. You can choose your working hours and projects according to how much you want to earn. All your earnings will go directly to you and you won’t have to worry about expensive overheads. 

This means that your career depends completely on your performance and growing a solid client base. You can have the freedom to work with who you choose, however, so you can find the cases that will most benefit your career. This often results in greater job satisfaction as well as exciting opportunities.

How to become a consultant solicitor

Although there are benefits of becoming a consultant solicitor, there are also risks involved. You need to ensure you comply with all the rules and regulations of the SRA, find clients yourself, and take care of your own accounts, for example. 

Fortunately, it’s now much more convenient to turn to specialist groups that will take care of these things for you. Companies like Passion for Law will deal with all of these elements for you to ensure your business is compliant. 

You’ll receive all the support you need in regards to managing legal requirements, accounting, sourcing clients, and more. You will have all the services and benefits of working for a large corporate firm but the freedom of being self-employed. If you’re considering a switch in career paths, find out more about how to become a consultant solicitor today.