6 Clear Signs It’s Time to Call Pest Control Experts


We have all been there. You see an ant or cockroach and you rush to the shop to get something that promises to get rid of them. There are times however when you need to call an expert and not try to exterminate the pests by yourself.

These are the six signs that you should immediately call a pest control expert:

1. The Infestation Keeps Returning

If the infestation keeps returning after you have tried to get rid of the pests it might be time to call a professional. Whether ants, other insects, or rodents, if they keep returning it means you are not getting to the root cause. There might be hidden nests that you are unaware of. An expert in pest control will be able to solve your recurring problem.

It is fine if the infestation starts small to first try handling it yourself. If however, you have tried without success you need help. The problem with many pests is that they have nests in very hard-to-reach places. Most pests also multiply quickly and these two factors combined make it very hard to get rid of them.

2. You Have Kids or Pets

Having kids or pets around the house is a risk when using chemical pest control. Using chemical pest control can be a health risk if used incorrectly. If you are worried about safely getting rid of the pests, then rather get a pest control expert that is trained in safely removing pests without causing harm to people or pets. 

If you are worried about the chemicals and safety then make sure you get accredited professionals to do your pest control. For instance, for a pest control team in London, you can check if they are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified. That should give you peace of mind. 

3. You are not Confident in Exterminating the Pests

Maybe the nest is in a high and hard-to-reach spot. Maybe the pests are something you would rather not get close to or want to deal with. People are scared or afraid of many different things. 

You could also just doubt your own experience in dealing with a specific pest. Do you have any doubts as to what to do? Not convinced you will be able to get rid of the pests? You know who to call…

4. Wasps or Bees 

Wasps and bees can be a serious hazard to your health. Especially if someone living in your home has allergies it will be best to get an expert. Even if you are not allergic to bee stings, it is still safer not to take on a nest of bees or wasps without the correct gear. Getting stung multiple times will be painful even without a serious allergic reaction. One bee or a wasp in your home might be ok to deal with but stay away from nests. 

If you are constantly seeing wasps or bees close to a certain part of your property there is probably a nest. An experienced pest control company will know where to look for the next and safely remove it. 

5. Bedbugs and Fleas

Bedbugs and even fleas are notoriously hard to get rid of. Bedbugs are well known to be the toughest pests to eradicate from your home once you have an infestation. Don’t take any chances with these. Just get the professionals to deal with this one. 

Tell-tale signs are bite marks on your legs and body. Small black specks on the seams of your bed linen are also something to look for. Sometimes there can also be spots of blood.

6. Large Rodents

Small rodents like mice can be tricky to get rid of, but large rodents can be very destructive. If you have a large rodent in your house it is time for a professional. Large rodents like squirrels and cause extensive damage if spooked. Don’t try to catch them yourself. 

Large rodents are pretty easy to spot. You will know if you have one in your house. The first signs of small rodents will be droppings and gnawed-through packaging or materials. 

The best advice in dealing with vermin is to know what you can deal with and what a professional needs to deal with. If it can be a safety risk or if you just are not comfortable with the situation, just call an expert. One last thing to remember is that it is better to deal with an infestation earlier on. The longer you wait the harder it might be to get rid of the pests.