6 Considerations In Choosing The Right Urns For Ashes And Keepsakes


Your loved one’s death can be a difficult time for you and your family. While you must fight grief, there are several other duties to be fulfilled. From arranging the funeral to taking care of their last-minute obligations, you must take care of certain things. Picking an urn to store or bury your loved one’s remains can be quite emotional. Consider these 6 factors when choosing an urn for ashes and keepsakes. 

  • Check the Size

The first factor to consider when buying an urn is the size. You must contemplate the number of ashes or remains that will be buried in the urn and calculate the size you will need. A typical formula used to measure the urn size is by calculating the deceased person’s body weight and comparing it with the cremated remains. In this sense, one pound of body weight will result in one cubic inch of ashes. You will notice that the size of the urns is marked in cubic inches. This criterion can change in some cases. For example, if you have a lot of family members who wish to keep your loved one’s remains as well, you will have to get smaller urns for keepsake reasons. 

  • Contemplate Your Intention

The next criterion is the intention or purpose of use. The place where you are supposed to store your urn also plays a major role when making a final decision. For instance, burying an urn will have a different purpose than placing it on your mantle. Since burying an urn in a cemetery may restrict certain materials and sizes, pay extra attention to this intention. On the contrary, displaying it on your main shelf will give you more freedom to choose an urn of your preference. Some even place the urn inside a wall niche, which further places limitations on the style and size of the model. 

  • Analyze the Material

The material used in your urn is also an important factor to consider. While the most common types of materials used in urns are ceramic, wood, and metal, you can also get an urn made with rare materials such as gelatin, salt, stone, and paper. Even though it boils down to your personal preference, the material you choose will also reflect the longevity of your urn. You should also consider the intention and purpose of the urn. When burying an urn, you should choose a material that will provide a protective shield to the remains, such as granite, marble, or any other sturdy stone material. On the contrary, if you wish to return your loved one’s remains to the ground, you can pick a biodegradable material such as gelatin, sand, or paper. 

  • Take Your Budget into Consideration 

Even if you like a particular style and size of an urn, you may not be able to buy it if it does not fall in your budget range. For this, you should narrow down your options and choose among the models you can actually afford. You can also look into several urn sales held online and in your local stores. This will give you numerous options to choose from. Since funeral costs can be too expensive, you must take your budget into consideration. One of the simplest ways to save money and reduce funeral costs is narrowing down your options when buying an urn. Even though the cost of an urn to bury a loved one’s remains is priceless, there are other obligations that must be fulfilled during the funeral. 

  • Look into Different Designs 

The design of the urn you choose will also reflect your loved one’s personality and their choice of funeral theme. Today, there are several designs and styles of urns to choose from.  From simple flower designs to dark motorcycle-themed styles, you can find a variety of themes. Some designs are even created to serve the purpose of the buyer. For instance, if they are obliged to travel on a plane to transport the remains, they can pick an urn that can easily pass through an x-ray machine. 

  • Consider Personalization 

If you wish to add a personal touch to the urn, you can consider getting a customized model with your loved one’s name or favorite element. This will also help you combat the grief of your loss and give you more strength. More importantly, it is an ideal way to keep their memories intact and feel comfort. 

These 6 considerations will help you pick an urn of your choice and pay tribute to your loved one. While the intention, size, and material of the urn are the most important considerations, you can also consider your loved one’s personality and desires to add a personal touch to it. Check with your local store or look for designs online to make an informed choice.