Reasons Why You Might Want a Water Filtration System


No matter how good your tap water may seem, there’s a high chance of it being tainted by contaminants. Even if your water supply comes from the purest natural sources, such as rivers or lakes, it can still contain harmful chemicals. Water filtration systems work by filtering the water at the main valve, therefore preventing these contaminants from even entering your personal supply. Whether you have considered installing a filtration system before or not, you will find plenty of reasons to do so in this article. Read on to find out the benefits of installing a water filtration system.

Saving a Lot of Money

While you won’t think much of the price of one single bottle, buying packs of water on a daily basis can be quite costly on a larger scale. Especially if you have a large family and each of you consumes at least three 16.9 ounce bottles per day. By installing a water filter at home, you can cut back on these costs drastically. Not to mention that this system can also act in the same way as a water softener. This will help you to use less soap for cleaning your body and your dishes.

It’s Environmentally Friendly 

Despite vigorous recycling campaigns, billions of plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. Or even worse, they often create a huge pollution problem in the oceans and ecosystems. You can help your environment a lot if you stop buying bottled water and use a filtered one from your tap instead. The fact that it comes in a bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s filtered anyway. Get a safe, reusable water bottle and take it with you when you leave your house for any activity and think that you might get thirsty.

Access to Safe Drinking Water

Even if it comes from a trusted supplier, unfiltered water may still contain harmful substances, such as lead or arsenic. On top of that, your water supply company probably treats your water with fluoride and chlorine, which usually make it to your taps in unsafe concentrations. To verify this, you can hire a water analysis company to get a free water analysis and a consultation on which filter would be the best one for your household. After you find and install your perfect home water filtration system, you will be able to get rid of all the chemicals from your entire supply.

Less Plumbing Issues

Minerals from hard water or heavy metals and other chemicals from an unfiltered supply can cause everything from low water pressure to more substantial damage to your plumbing system. And it won’t be only your pipes that will be affected, your dishwasher, washing machine, boiler, water dispenser, refrigerator ice maker, and garbage disposal can all suffer consequences from mineral deposits. By using a filtration system for all your water needs, you can reduce your plumbing bills. Additionally, you will also save all of your appliances from more severe damages, making them last much longer.

Cleaner Clothes

Over time, the chemicals from polluted water sources will leave deposits on your clothes. You can try washing them or drowning them in softeners, but this will only make things worse if you do it in unfiltered water. It’ll even cause them to smell bad, and you won’t be the only one who’ll notice. Unfiltered water promotes soap and limescale buildup on your dishes and your bathroom as well. The contaminants in your water are also often the sources of allergies. If you had any unexplained symptoms like a rash or itching, you may want to analyze your water for chemicals.    

Being Prepared for an Emergency 

If a natural disaster or a wrong construction move causes a sewer line to burst near your house, it can cause water contamination. Hazardous biological material can seep into your water supply, and if you consume that water, it can lead to fatal consequences. An advanced home water filtration system can protect you from these, as long as it filters your water at the main valve, nothing can get past it and into your house. Get a non-electric one that you can use even if you lose power.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits a home water filtration system can bring to you, you can decide whether you want to install one or not. But if you opt for one, you won’t regret it for sure because it will allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle and protect your environment. Plus, you will save a lot of money on bottled water and plumbing.