6 Effective Tips To Have The Ideal Golf Performance


Golf has been called the game of kings. While you may not be a king, you certainly want to put in a kingly performance on the green. Here are 6 tips we can give you to get you playing your ideal game.

1.Learn To Accept Good Advice

Has anyone ever been kind enough to suggest just after your swing that you’re not putting enough power into it?

It’s easy to become resentful at someone passing judgment on your performance, but what if they’re right? If they’ve said something, it’s possible they had the same problem, or they are an experienced enough player to notice your shortfall. It doesn’t hurt to hear their advice and even put it into practice to see if it works for you. If it works, you actually get to improve your swing.

That said, not all advice on your form will be created equally. While some tips will change your golf game, others might only set you up to create bad habits. You’ll need to be discerning and only adopt the ones that help you.

2. Master the Long Game and the Short Game

Golf consists of a long game and a short game. Your long game takes you from the fairways to the green and requires powerful shots and distance. Your short game focuses on accuracy and skill. You need to be good at both to excel at golf. 

Some tips to improve your long game:

Practice Your Swing

Your driving shot is important to your overall game because wherever the ball lands here determines how many strokes you’ll need to get to the green and whether you’ll be caught up in any obstacles (sand trap, water, trees) on your way there.

You need to hit the ball with enough power and as straight as possible to get you through the fairways and onto the green. Your swing is an important part of that. For a better swing:

  • Use your core muscles and rotate your hip to drive the ball further
  • On your follow-through, your foot should stay on the ground as far as possible. Leaving your foot down until you are almost ready to hit the ball allows for greater distance
  • Keep your head down for as long as possible. Do not give in to the temptation to lift your head just before your swing to see where the ball goes

Focus On The Ball, Not On Where You Want It To Go

The tendency is to pick the spot where you want the ball to land and then drive the ball there. But the ball needs as much and even more attention.

Some tips to improve your short game:

There are three  types of shot techniques you’ll need to master to have your ideal short game:


Pitching is getting the ball out of difficult situations, such as traps The point is to get the ball back onto the green in the best spot the player can manage.


This one is used when the player is close to the green and doesn’t want to send the ball a great distance


This shot is used when the ball is on the green and only a short distance from the hole

3. Use The Right Iron For The Job

For all of the shots used above, there is an appropriate iron. Iron is the name used to refer to the golf club. You can read up on some of the most forgiving irons on the market that help you compensate for faults in your technique. Overall,  these are the types of irons you should use depending on where you are in your long or short game:

  • The Drive – A driver
  • Pitching – A sand or pitching wedge
  • Chipping – A wedge or short iron
  • Putting – A putter

4. Get Into A Rhythm 

Consistency matters in golf as much as talent and instinct. Your actions, from your stance to your swing, to your follow-through, must all have a rhythm that is uniquely you. The best professional golfers all have their own rhythm.

5.Get Your Mind On The Game

Golf, like all sports, depends on the quality of your mental focus as much as physical conditioning. Half of your battle is won when you approach your game with the right mental attitude

6. Practice

There’s no getting around it. You have to get out and actually play games where your skill will be tested in real-world conditions to get to the point where you play your ideal game.

Your ideal game form and performance won’t come overnight. However, with practice and following these tips, you will get closer to it every day.