How to Determine When It Is Time to Quit the Game?


Gambling is one of the most fun activities that people tend to enjoy. The thrill of gambling with winning and losing and then winning again – and all being down to luck – is unlike anything else. However, there is a downside to this. For some people, gambling can become more than a hobby. It can become an obsession, and as they play casino games for money, they may get lost in the process.

So, how do you know when it’s time to quit playing a particular casino games? There are certain guidelines that you can follow to simplify things in this regard. First of all, you can set your bankroll for the day/week/month. If you ever happen to go overboard and over your bankroll – you stop. It will take discipline to do this, but it’s the only right way to go about it.

Casino gambling is a highly psychological game in and of itself. Chances are that you have heard the phrase “to tilt.” These words are usually used in the field of poker, where players are swayed by the power of the moment, and they make stupid mistakes that they would have never done before under regular conditions. Well, tilting is a regular phenomenon during gambling in general. For example, if you play slots and lose a big sum of money, you may get it into your head that you’re on the verge of winning and that you will get back you will get your money back before you stop. This is tilting at its finest – you don’t have a clear view that you may be digging yourself into the ground by trying to get your money back and pouring in additional money of your own.

So, sometimes, it may not be your night. But this has nothing to do with any tangible concept of “luck.” Regardless of popular opinion, you can’t do anything to influence your level of luck. Sure, you can make smart strategic decisions and choices as you play relating to your bankroll and your playstyle – but you can’t influence your luck alone. It’s luck – it cannot be influenced by anything, including lucky charms or jinxes. If you feel that you have lost more than you would have liked during a session and that you’re down on your luck – then stop.

On the other side, you should also put caps on your wins. It’s far too frequent a case that players think that they are “in the zone” and that their hand is on fire when they string up a few big chance wins together. Once again, this is the fallacy of thinking that your luck is somehow influenced in a positive way and that you’ll keep winning until the end of the session. The number of players that have won huge sums of money just so they re-wager all of it and lose it during the same session is, sadly, great. But if you have a cap on how big your wins can get, then you will know when to stop and not risk blowing your profits.

The most important thing is to play with a cool head. Of course, this is not the easiest thing to do, as gambling swings can break down even the coolest of heads to a point where these people would tilt out and start making stupid decisions that they will eventually regret down the line. But you have to try and give your best in being cool about your wins and your losses – it gets easier with time as you build up your discipline and understand casino money management tips. And, in time, you will learn how to pinpoint the exact moment when you need to stop and quit the game.