6 Gift Ideas for Parents of Young Children


If you have friends or family members with young children, the chances are that you’re a bit stuck on what to get them for Christmas!

Books and movies are probably out, as any spare time they have is probably earmarked for sleep. Clothes are probably not the best idea as they’re likely to get covered in baby sick…

So what do you do? If you want to show that you really care, consider getting a gift that shows you have thought about what they need.

A meal out

For many couples, having children can mean that they no longer get any time together by themselves, just enjoy each other’s company.

Doing something like getting your friends a voucher for a meal out is a great way to show you care and give them some quality time together. This gift is even better if you can offer to babysit for them or arrange with mutual friends or family members that they will babysit.

Coffee and a cake

If your friend is a coffee lover, then you can’t go far wrong with a Starbucks gift voucher from GiftsVouchers.

Load up the voucher with any amount of money that you choose, and your friend can get their favorite pick me up whenever they want! You could even offer to watch the kids for an hour so that they can use the voucher to sit in and read their book while enjoying a decadent latte.

The gift of a little time to think is absolutely priceless.

A good night’s sleep

Ok, this might be something that you can’t quite deliver (unless you’re going to move in and take on the night time feeds, of course!). However, you can help your friends to be as comfortable as possible on the rare occasions that they do get to get a little shut-eye by buying them a lovely new pair of pajamas.

You might not think it, but your pajamas can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. Plus, new parents tend to spend a lot of time in theirs as there’s no time for showering and dressing, so they may as well be nice!

Home-cooked meals

If you’re short on cash or simply prefer to give homemade gifts, then some freezer-friendly home-cooked meals will be greatly appreciated by any parent!

Cook them up something tasty and nutritious that they can just heat up on those days where making time to cook seems completely impossible.

Family day out

If the kids are old enough, you could buy a gift that will be fun for the whole family. It gets expensive taking kids on days out, so if you gave the gift of a voucher for a family day out, it would definitely be well received!


Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that they can’t believe how quickly their children are growing! Help them to capture some precious memories by gifting a family photo shoot so that they will always have a memory of how their family is right now.