The Best Breed For Horse Racing


When it comes to the world of horse racing, there is nothing more exciting than viewing a sprint finish and when it comes to those who are tasked with training the best horses on the track, one question is asked more than most.

A question that asks, which is the best breed when it comes to the sport of kings and although any discussion will always involve the Thoroughbred, there are a number of other breeds to also choose from

Of course, it would be unfair to suggest that the Thoroughbred is not head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to racing and with it being developed for this sole purpose, you can understand why such a breed is so sought after.

The breed itself was created during the 17th Century within the confines of the United Kingdom and with a trio of horses being imported to the country, the trio of Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian and Byerley Turk shaped what we now know as the Thoroughbred.

Any horse that wants to win a race, needs to be fast and the Thoroughbred is certainly capable of going up through the gears. Not only that but they are just as intelligent as they are quick, and this gives them the edge of the likes of the Arabian or the Quarter Horse.

In addition to that, the speed that a Thoroughbred can race at, is one that can generate an incredible amount of horsepower and at the time of writing, the top speed was recorded by Winning Brew in 2008, as 43.97mph was logged on the speed gun.

A speed that would put any family car to shame and when you consider that a Thoroughbred is usually 60 inches in height, it is an incredible example of both power and size working in perfect harmony.

Such is the spectacle of a Thoroughbred in full flight, that their races are popular with both those in attendance and those who watch the sport from the safety of their home and a considerable number of wagers are placed on high-profile races.

While in states like Colorado, the ability to place a bet using the best apps has caught the imagination of those who reside there and an ever-increasing number of people are now looking to put their money where their mouth is.

Of course, it is not just stateside which plays host to the very best that horse racing has to offer and with a litany of courses across both the United Kingdom and Ireland, there are plenty of platforms for equine talent to be displayed.

Although the Thoroughbred will always be the top choice for any successful trainer, there are other breeds that can deliver victory when it matters and some of the best trainers today, will always look to have an element of diversity in their stable.

Of those further options, one of them is the Appaloosa and with it originating from the United States, it not only has the Quarter and Arabian Horse in its lineage but also the fearsome Thoroughbred as well.

At anywhere between 56 to 64 inches, it is not the tallest breed but what it gives up in size, it certainly makes up in terms of visual pleasure and with its spotted coat pattern, it is hard to miss such an entry in any racing event.

With it being a more versatile horse than the Thoroughbred, it is just as comfortable when taking part in flat racing than it is when contesting the jumps and with it also being a friendly breed, it is a popular choice within stables around the world.

Then again, it would be unfair to leave out both the Arabian and Quarter horse from any discussion regarding top breeds and with the former being able to reach 40mph on a good day, it is no slouch either.

Even though it may be slightly slower when compared to the Thoroughbred, it can display far more in terms of stamina and with more to offer in terms of fitness, it is always the smart choice when it comes to endurance racing.

At the same time, the Quarter Horse is also a smart choice, albeit it for a different reason and with a maximum speed of 55mph, it can offer plenty of horsepower to any jockey which finds his or herself in the saddle.