6 Top Best Microgaming Slot Games in 2021


Albeit several hindrances at inception, no one imagined that Microgaming would penetrate the market and become the success it is today. Back in 1994, it was a stiff battle to change gambler’s mindset and the entire industry on little-known online gaming.

In fact, it took four years to make a substantial step in 1998 when the brand created the first slot game known as the Cash Splash. Three years later, Microgaming impressively introduced the groundbreaking multilingual slot game in history.

Amid competition hiccups, Microgaming has grown in heaps and bounds throughout the transition process. At the moment, the market floods with over 350 Microgaming options accessed through portable devices, computers, and smartwatches. As Microgaming celebrates its 17th birthday in 2021, here are optimal slot games you should indulge.

  1. Mega Moolah

If you have never heard about Mega Moolah, then you are pretty new in the gambling industry. Presently, Mega Moolah holds Guinness World Record both in 2015 and recently in April 2021. In the previous win, the lucky winner made history after winning a Jackpot of £ 13.2 million.

Six years later, an anonymous Belgian player made home with £ 19.4 million to the delight of the Microgaming team and everyone involved. For this reason, Mega Moolah manages to captivate hoards of eager and excited gambling players. Not only is Mega Moolah famous for fabulous wins, but it also offers four Jackpots and varied features to players.

2. Classic Blackjack

From the swift appealing software to exceptional payouts, Classic Blackjack is an instant magnet to online gamblers. Currently, Microgaming has diversified blackjack game which comes with various regulations.

Altogether, Blackjacks ensure an excellent gambling experience with minimal complaints worldwide. For instance, in New Zealand Online Casino Reviews, blackjack games are pretty popular in well-rated casinos like Zodiac and Luxury. In reality, it stands out as one of the most played Microgaming games in New Zealand and an exciting game to invest in because of the classic notion attached to it.

  1. Immortal Romance

Over a decade after its launch, Immortal Romance persists in captivating a whole load of admirers worldwide. Thanks to its broad reach in different corners of the world, the game takes a leading position among the best Multipliers and Quickspins slot games all over.

As the industry embraces more tech innovations, Immortal Romance has had its share of upgrades in quick spins, auto-playing, improved audio, and animation. Thus, players can enjoy a refurbished version of the initial Immortal Romance with enhanced features and super fast speed.

Based on the superior features, the vampire-themed game allow players to choose several free spins and increase their chances for better wins. Moreover, there are the multilevel bonus slot games that illustrate unique storyline of different characters as it allows players to bet in an enjoyable environment.

3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Again, Microgaming has outdone itself by formulating this outstanding and exciting game. Typically, the idea cropped up from a popular TV show where participants spin reels to receive merits. Apart from the notable soundtrack that keeps players entertained, participating in the game is relatively easy and enjoyable.

First, you do not have to download any apps or software since you can play directly from the web browser. As a result, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is an ideal platform for beginners and veteran players. Most striking is that the game offers frequent awards between spins.

While it might take considerable time to walk home with a jumbo win, the Megaways options give players close to 118,000 chances to win.

4. Book of Oz

Inspired by the famous movie ‘Book of Oz,’ this is another renowned shot by Microgaming. The apex of the matter is that players enjoy an opportunity to experiment with the enthralling Oz world and numerous magic potions.

Though the game is highly impulsive, it has plenty of unique features and symbols. Mainly, the game operates on two functions simultaneously; wild and scatters. You can have a field day trying out scatters, free spins, re-spins, and others at an affordable fee.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones offers a visual experience with minimal interruptions for those willing to engage in some adventure. The captivating game takes back players to the popular TV series and novel, ‘Game of Thrones.

Amazingly, the game fascinates even those who have never had a chance to watch any episode. With more than 243 different ways to win, players enjoy at least four free spins. Above all, the game entices players with an impressive soundtrack, bonus spins, and various features.

Final Word

Making such impressive strides has not been an easy journey for Microgaming. Nonetheless, the brand manages to beautifully spin around the challenges by creating attractive and unrivaled game offers. For the look of things, the future appears all bright for this inventive gambling brand name.