9 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Services

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There’s no doubt the face of enterprise has altered immeasurably since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Businesses are now required to introduce more flexibility and resilience than any other time in the past. Recent research has shown that 28 percent of UK businesses have been making attempts to outsource at least one business area since the onset of the global crisis.

Even in the halcyon days of 2018 and 2019, enterprises that were holding out with their trusty in-house IT department could have been missing a crucial way to take things forward. It has become increasingly clear that those not able to keep up with industries that are modernising at an exponential rate will lose out to competition. The pressure was already on businesses to quickly modernise to keep pace with ongoing advancements. Then COVID-19 arrived and the challenges piled up, along with the dependence on technology.

There are now even more reasons than ever to outsource IT services, and businesses with more traditional practices could be forced to make changes to maintain a competitive edge. You can find out more if you click here.

By turning to reliable experts in the field businesses can reap the various benefits and stay active throughout the crisis.

Cost effectiveness

By outsourcing IT support or using a managed service provider, businesses can have more control over the amount they spend and immediately respond to increased demand. This is a move away from the fixed prices of in-house IT staff to a more cost effective model where you can pay for just what you actually need. By making use of an IT support company in London like EC-MSP, businesses can choose from a range of IT support plans, with optional add-ons available. Additional savings can be made on various labour costs, such as office space and employee benefits.


IT skills and experience is becoming increasingly specialised, so it is more difficult to rely on a small team to perform all of the IT services of the enterprise. Through outsourcing you can instantly have access to an infinite range of resources, as the engineer or account manager you are dealing with has the option of finding assistance from a colleague. This is a much more efficient way of overcoming technical challenges and it is the reason that managed IT services have become so popular in recent years.

Focus on your core business

Research and case studies have repeatedly shown that the practice of outsourcing can benefit businesses by enabling them to improve marketing, logistics and distribution, and attain a higher level of performance. Outsourcing essential services transforms businesses by making them more efficient and scalable, and it leaves them free to pursue the issues that are the most important, such as making decisions and strategies that will lead to future growth.

Alleviates employee workload

Studies have shown that employees that are working in an environment with a higher amount of distractions and different tasks to take their attention will be less productive. When more responsibilities are placed on staff members they may be less likely to complete them in an efficient way if they are not the main role of each employee. It can also lead to extra stress for members of staff that are not comfortable with their work. For these reasons, a better workflow will be created when particular tasks are given to dedicated outsourced personnel.


Cybersecurity is something that no business professional can avoid, and in the global pandemic cyber attacks have become much worse. Fortunately, this is an IT service that can be taken on by a reliable IT support company, who are able to deal with such things as network security and data encryption practices. A much higher proportion of people working from home has made more business networks vulnerable to cyber attacks, so services like firewalls and VPNs are absolutely essential. IT support can also provide security audits and ensure the business is operating within GDPR compliance.

Sharing the risk

When IT issues are all dealt with by an internal team, the company needs to bear the responsibility for all activities. But by handing over all of your IT services to an external support provider the infrastructural risk is also passed over to a third party. Leading managed service providers understand this and are completely secure against all potential damages. The act of outsourcing leaves businesses safer, as well as more dynamic and flexible. This means they will be able to offer an improved product or service on a long-term basis.

Immediate response

IT support that is outsourced has the advantage of being there at the time that you need it. This means you can anticipate your use of the service and pay on the most suitable basis. The best IT support providers can usually promise a fast response time, and also provide ongoing effective monitoring of your systems that means you can reduce the possibility of difficulties arising.

IT services at any time

In-house IT support is always there when you need it, but also there when there is no need for it. In-house IT staff will most likely be working regular office hours from Monday to Friday, which is not much good if there are emergencies outside of this time. Outsourced IT providers are able to offer their services on a 24/7 basis every day, so it is possible to reduce corporate risk. It also helps by reducing corporate downtime which can avoid the loss of revenues.


In recent years there has been a much greater emphasis on businesses to attain agility, deliver quickly and respond to changes in the market. This has never been so important as in 2020, which has seen certain industries booming and others coming to a complete standstill. All businesses face the challenge of having to adapt to the changes and outperform their competitors. Outsourcing is one way that businesses can attain the agility required to make it through a period of uncertainty and economic recession.

This year has undoubtedly dealt business with a severe blow that many will not recover from. All we can do is to keep operations running as far as this is possible and hope for a swift recovery. Outsourcing IT services is one move that we can make to keep things efficient, scaled and agile.