A candid chat with filmmaker Alex Kinter


Dallas-based filmmaker delves into dark emotionality of lonely 1950’s high society woman in flick slated for distribution on Amazon Prime and Video on Demand

1. Tell us something about yourself?
My long-standing affinity for the art of moving pictures and defining imagery dates back to my school days. I have an extensive photography and cinematography background that was honed from my years in working with commercial video production clients. My efforts forced me to I pay to composition, lighting and vibrant cinematography in order to make effective pieces.

2. What are working on at the moment?
I’m currently doing everything within my power to encourage as many viewers as possible to watch “Poolside,” especially given the subject matter in relation to Women’s History Month. While managing the promotion of my film project, I still maintain ongoing relationships with my commercial advertising and video marketing clients for Kinter Media, my multimedia production company based in Dallas, TX.

3. Pitch your film to those who haven’t watched it?
The movie delves into the character study of a privileged 1950’s housewife who appears to have it all on the surface– apparent wealth, a beautiful home, and upscale surroundings. Beneath the surface lies a lonely, troubled woman struggling to maintain her sanity while plagued by the distressing voices she hears underwater at her indoor pool. Will the voices torment her to the point of no return, forcing her to plunge into a dark emotional state? Only viewers will know.

4. Share an anecdote from the shooting of the film?
Before and during the shooting of the film, the production team realized that we wanted to explore dualities throughout the plot and weave the theme throughout the entire film, which becomes more apparent as viewers watch the premise unfold. There were also definitely some trying times during the making of the film such as the film equipment being around the water, the temperature of the water, the sound reverberation in the large pool room, and filming in a couple of tight spaces.

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