A candid chat with recording artist Aurelien David



  • How do you pronounce your name?

Aurelien David.

  • It’s a bit unusual, isn’t it? Maybe hard to pronounce for some people?

Yes, I know, It’s French…

  • And is there a story behind the piano you are playing?

It is a Steinway concert grand from 1898, a special edition. There are only handful of them in the world today. I have a very special relationship to this instrument.

  • Aurelien, can you tell us what your Music is all about, can you describe it in a few words?

The basis are ancient Hebrew melodies and lyrics that are usually played during traditional Jewish festivities. I have reinterpreted these traditional songs for the piano. And sing the original lyrics, but in a modern way as pop ballade, and with a French accent… The result is a mixture between poetry, prayer and classical pop music.

  • What is the idea behind your music?

The idea is to transforms traditional Hebrew Music Culture into something modern, accessible to all, especially the people that often have no interest in the „old stuff“.

  • How did this idea develop, what was the motivation behind it?

I have always played music, all my life, I was trained as a classical pianist and singer. I always wanted to do a music project that is very personal. I have a deep connection to Judaism and was always captivated this musical heritage.

Since I travel a lot for business all over the world, I realized that there ARE no boundaries. All should be ONE. We should be free and have no limits. – that is the idea behind my music.

  • What is so special about this traditional Hebrew Music?

I love the timeless motives, melodies and deep feelings Hebrew music expresses, I believe it comes from the soul and touches something universal. Even if some listener don’t understand the lyrics. Music can do that. Transcend everything.

  • Do you think some people could find this a bit shocking or inappropriate – transforming Hebrew religious songs into popular culture?

Yes, that could be, but I don’t mind. I want to radically break down all boundaries between religions, music styles, languages, the old and the new.

I decided to follow my heart, be brave, and try to make something unique. I hope it will resonate with many people, maybe even build bridges.

  • What are your plans in the near future? Will you be touring?

My first song from the album was release last week. I am working on further releases this summer. So: Maybe in Summer 2020? Who knows?

  • One last Question: What would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?

I would like them to feel free and connected to themselves.

Thank you very much, Aurelien, for this interview.