A Journey with the new artist Jordan Olympus and his self-esteem Anthem : Gold Cowries


We won’t miss « The Ascension » of the new artist Jordan Olympus. We find Jordan Olympus’ music without any compromise, juggling with dexterity between African and Western sounds. Here, we are divinely transported in a journey of universal urban pop thanks to a mixture of intensity and sensitivity carried by arrangements of an unparalleled precision.

The artist takes special care with the aesthetics of his mystical universe, inspired by his African roots, from Madagascar to Reunion island.

Jordan Olympus draws his inspiration from his travels, the difficulties of the world around him and his own experiences. Life’s trials and tribulations gave birth to the title of his first E.P. : The Ascension.

A self-produced opus released at the end of August 2020 he likes to identify as an «epic» adventure, an emotional ascent to reach the summit of his own life. On this occasion, 5 music videos were made to back up this first attempt, including Gold Cowries.

The Ascension ends on a high note for Jordan Olympus. After the success of his track 20/20, the artist offers a final journey that closes the adventure of his first E.P. with Gold Cowries, a track with a nervous and rhythmic flow set on both tribal and epic sounds.

In his ultimate journey, Jordan Olympus immerses us in the mystical side of his African-inspired universe. With an eclecticism of perfectly mastered and asserted genres, the artist adds hip-hop and Spanish sounds for a result that brilliantly relates to his influences, like M.I.A. in her finest mo- ments.


Gold Cowries, is also about questioning the value we attribute to ourselves. Literally translated as «Golden Shells», cowries were once a currency in some African countries. From one perspective, they are simply worthless shells. From another perspective, they are priceless.

Through this allegory, Jordan Olympus instills in his audience the importance of self-esteem, and the awareness of their true value. Through this, the artist also makes a nod to the descendants of the Indian Ocean islands, the Creoles and the Caribbeans, origins that he displays with unrestrained pride in a clip strongly inspired by the theme of water and island territories, with already more than 200 000 views on YouTube.

With Gold Cowries, Jordan Olympus closes the era of The Ascension, a first E.P. that kept all its promises with a unanimous welcome from the public and the press.

The title naturally paves the way for a new musical page for the artist who has many other facets to discover.

Watch and listen Gold Cowries here :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClC88B3wPQmM_8JkdZfGnuw?sub_confirmation=1

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