A New Name for Two Bahlsen Biscuit Favourites


Bahlsen are unveiling a new name and new packaging for two of their delicious products making it easier than ever to get a glimpse of what’s inside the box.

‘First Class’ biscuits will now be called ‘Praline Squares’ and ‘Messino’ are now called ‘Luxury Jaffa Cakes’. The new names offer the added benefit of being descriptive, making the biscuits more recognisable, revealing the delicious treats inside the pack, and making our mouths water even more than before.

Both products  are perfect for sharing, pairing with an afternoon cup of tea at work, or for packing into the car for long car trips for tempting moments of happiness at any time.

Luxury Jaffa Cakes

Bahlsen Luxury Jaffa Cake are the jaffa cakes with premium edge using Italian Messino oranges. These delicious jaffa cakes will continue to melt in Brits mouths thanks to their zesty, rich, edge to edge fruity filling paired with Bahlsen’s famous chocolate and a light sponge.

RRP £1.25, 125g boxes, available at Waitrose.

Praline Squares

Praline Squares are layers of delicate crisp wafer and smooth praline, made with only the finest Levant hazelnuts, The combination of nutty goodness and Bahseln’s typically thick and indulgent chocolate creates this delightful wafer classic and provides you with the perfect treat.

RRP £1.50, 125g pack, available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Camilla Hopwood, Senior Brand Manager at Bahlsen commented: “Luxury Jaffa Cakes and Praline Squares are the perfect sharer, ideal for days out in the sun and long trips in the car – keeping the whole family happy. We’re excited to introduce these two re-branded products into UK supermarkets making them accessible for all to enjoy, all year round.”