Wedding Traditions That Have Now Become Outdated


Weddings have come a long way from how they were organized back in the day. Couples have recognized the needs of the changing times, and they are flexing their marriages and events based on what the people expect to see.

The changes in time and the preferences of couples have meant that there are certain wedding traditions that have now become outdated. These have either been replaced by other, more convenient, wedding traditions, or have just been left for good. 

Knowing that these traditions have now gone out of fashion, we will be making a list of them, to ensure that you remain away from them. 

We created the list list of outdated wedding traditions here, and try to remain as far from them, as you possibly can. 

The wedding traditions that have now become outdated include the following: 

Bride Does All the Work

Back in the day, the bride was responsible for managing everything and not delegating the tasks to anyone else. It was considered derogatory for the bride to delegate the tasks to someone else. 

While the perception still lives in many other societies, the American society has moved on. Today, the bride and groom are both equally responsible for planning and arranging their wedding, wedding bands and celebration.

Collaboration between both the members is at an increase, and brides have realized that they cannot do everything on their own now. The mindset where the bride did all the planning, and the groom would just show up is thankfully a thing of the past, as couples have realized the importance of working together and not putting all of the pressure on one person. 

Additionally, the brides have also delegated the responsibilities to their bridesmaids to ensure that they can focus on looking good instead of worrying over trivial matters. 

It’s All About the Couple 

While it is your perfect day, modern weddings are a bit less about the couple and more inclusive now. Couples tend to be a bit less self-centered nowadays, and they have added more inclusivity to their wedding. 

The shift in focus is the result of a new mentality that focuses on ‘us’ rather than just ‘me.’ The marriage might be between just the two people, but the wedding party brings together a ton of friends, family members, and other loved ones. The space that is created should be magical for everyone, rather than just you. 

If you make the event only about yourself, your guests wouldn’t have a hard time forgetting your wedding party. However, if the party is inclusive for everyone and is focused on making it a treat for everyone, then your guests would remember it for long. Live wedding bands are a great option and available all over the UK, like Cheshire wedding bands that provide popular music for all the family to enjoy.

The focus currently is to make the party interesting for everyone involved. More and more people are starting to do this, and we are particularly excited about all the possibilities this offers. As all-inclusive weddings are trending these days, you might want to take your family members’ and friends’ opinions into consideration when planning your big day. 

Pitting Single Women Against Each Other 

One of the more deplorable wedding tradition, which we are thankful is getting outdated, is that of pitting single women together, as if marriage is the sole purpose that they should be inclined towards. 

Traditional society had this poor, downtrodden mentality that the only goal in a woman’s life is to get married and serve her husband and kids. However, this mentality is changing and so is the perception associated with it. We can now see strong, single women rise up, who don’t need a male presence to make them strong. 

So, keeping the modern era in perspective, it was only a matter of time before the archaic tradition of tossing bouquets was to go out of fashion. And so, it happened. Women realized that there was no grandeur or fame in catching a bouquet meant to indicate who will get married next. 

Not only did this tradition make a very weird spectacle of all the single and strong women at the party, but it was also biased in a way. When was the last time you saw the groom throwing a garland in the air for a single man to catch? Obviously, you haven’t seen that happen because that doesn’t happen. It is just the women who were demeaned through this rather poor wedding tradition, and we’re glad it is behind us now. 

Changing the Archaic Language 

The wedding vows are significant and important, but the language behind them is archaic. Many couples have now started taking action to ensure that they don’t just blabber words they don’t understand or feel when exchanging their wedding vows. 

The wedding vows should properly be felt by both the partners, which is why it is important that you choose the wording according to your own liking. This is exactly what couples are doing right now, as they are updating the words and phrases within the vows to ensure that they both understand what is being said. 

Father Giveaway 

While the father giveaway tradition looked cute, it was one of the creepier wedding traditions going around. This tradition completely undermined the role of the mother in the upbringing of her daughter, and put the spotlight on the father. 

Brides have now realized the importance of honoring both their parents on the wedding day and are making room for both the mother and father on their wedding walk. Additionally, some couples have also started coming in together to enjoy the festivities of the event and to not make it look like as if one man is handing over the bride to another. 

Huge Crowds 

Gone are the days where couples would invite literally everyone they knew to their wedding and fill the hall with all kinds of people. Couples have become a lot more selective with the kind of people they invite to the event. 

This change has meant that couples now pay more attention to every member at the wedding, and they can micro-manage the masses in a better manner.