A quarter of Brits voted London as the most sarcastic city in the UK

  • Now famed for its sarcastic sense of humour, London has been crowned the sarcasm capital of the UK and also claims third place in the funniest city category.Liverpool sweeps the top spot of funniest city, followed by Newcastle in second place, London in third, and Manchester and Glasgow in fourth and fifth spots, making up the top five funniest cities in the UK.
  • ‘A Nation of Laughs’ is the new study commissioned by Comedy Central Live, a three-day comedy festival taking place in Southampton in October, to delve into the comedy habits of the nation. The festival features an unbeatable line-up of comedians from all over the country, north and south, including from each of the top ten funniest cities in the UK.The top ten funniest cities revealed:
  1. Liverpool, 23 percent
  2. Newcastle, 14 percent
  3. London, 12 percent 
  4. Manchester, 10 percent
  5. Glasgow, 10 percent
  6. Edinburgh, 4 percent
  7. Bristol, 3 percent
  8. Birmingham, 3 percent
  9. Belfast, 3 percent
  10. Brighton, 2 percentThe study which was released today, has reignited the age-old ‘north versus south’ debate and turned up a new trump card for northerners – they are officially funnier than their southern counterparts.