A quick Face to Face with The Ligon Brothers and LYNK Real Estate Investing Systems

  • A Face to Face with Miami’s Dynamic Duo, The Ligon Brothers.
  • The Creators of LYNK Real Estate Investing Systems.

“We wanted to provide everyone with access to information that would make them successful”

So tell us, who are the Ligon Brothers
Mike: Well, I think the simple answer is; we’re just a couple of regular guys that never gave up.
David: Yea, our goal was to become successful Real Estate Investors and we worked at it every single day. We both had 9 to 5 jobs when we first started out, but you can’t let that stop you or slow you down.

What’s the first step in becoming a successful Real Estate Investor?
David: First thing you need to do is get our LYNK Wholesaling System! (laughs) But in all seriousness the first thing anyone needs to do is gain knowledge.
Mike: Knowledge is the ground floor of becoming successful in anything you do. We can’t stress enough the importance of reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to Real Estate Investing. Seeing other peoples perspective and techniques allows you to learn from their experience without having to take the long hard road of making your own mistakes. That’s why we created The LYNK Real Estate Investing Systems.

Tell us about it, what is The LYNK Real Estate Investing Systems?
Mike: In a nutshell, it’s an online Video learning platform. We want to create a system that would allow anyone, anywhere to be able to learn how to become a Real Estate Investor.
David: The true beauty of our LYNK System is that it starts out with LYNK Wholesaling which is a ground floor, no money, no experience and no liability way to become an Investor. From there we go to LYNK Flipping which is a fresh new look at Wholesaling Real Estate and then we also have LYNK Fix-N-Flip which is a more advance system of tactics and techniques for rehabbing properties..
Mike: There is nothing like it anywhere. This is truly the easiest way to get started in Real Estate Investing. We’ve taken our experience with closing hundreds of deals and created a step by step guide for anyone to follow.

Why did you want to create this system?
David: When we first started out, the one thing that stood out was the lack of time. Time is key in becoming successful. You need as much of it as you can get, because it takes time to build a successful business. We realized that in order to fast track our plans we needed more time. How do you get more time?
Mike: You buy it! You can’t make more time, but you can buy it. You can buy it in the form of knowledge. You see when you buy a book or a course, you’re buying someone’s else’s time. They already put in the time to build the experience, so when you buy that book or course your cutting out the need to learn the long hard way. You take that information and apply it immediately.
David: Time is the most valuable thing you have in this life. So we wanted to create a learning platform that would allow people to use our time, experiences and knowledge to fast track them into success.

If you had to give just one piece of advice for up and coming Investors what would it be?
David: Start now. Don’t wait for the “perfect time”.
Mike: Yep, don’t procrastinate. There will never be a “perfect time”, so start today, now, this minute. Success is a long windy road, so the quicker you get started the faster you can begin your journey.
David: and buy time whenever possible. Well, I guess that’s two things (laughs) but they’re both really important.

You can find out more about The Ligon Brothers and the LYNK Real Estate Systems at http://LigonBrothers.com