A year in care leaves Surrey cat in need of a new home


After spending a year in care, nine-year-old Bobby longs for a loving home with a family who can provide the care he needs.

Cats Protection’s Mitcham Homing Centre has issued an appeal to find a suitable owner who can help Bobby live a good life and manage his health issues.

Bobby is a loving black cat who came into care in February 2021 after his owner died. Despite various appeals and moving between branches and centres, he has been overlooked for a full year, possibly not helped by some ongoing health issues.

Bobby has inflammatory bowel disease, which is more common in older cats and, although there may be flare-ups, it’s a disease which can be managed by feeding an appropriate diet with regular veterinary visits to provide a good quality of life. Bobby’s new owners would receive a full medical history from his time in care, along with advice on taking good care of him

After not settling alongside other cats at the homing centre, Bobby was taken in by Linda Hamer, a volunteer fosterer with experience of helping cats with helping cats who are struggling to cope with the rehoming centre environment. In the comfort of a home with someone to take care of him, Bobby was like a different cat.

Emma Goss, Volunteer Team Leader at Cats Protection’s Mitcham Homing Centre, said: “When Bobby arrived at the centre, he spent those first days under his Hide & Sleep® stool, which is perfectly normal behaviour for many cats. After a few days, we though that an indoor fosterer would be better for Bobby, so he was moved out of the centre to one of our specialist fosterers.

“Bobby has come on leaps and bounds after moving in with Linda, our fosterer. The transformation has been quite remarkable. He is now a friendly chap who loves attention and playing. He was far more relaxed and become a happy, affectionate cat.

“He has shown how affectionate he can be and, when he arrives in his new home, where he can come and go as he pleases, we believe he will settle and become even more friendly, more trusting.”

Linda Hamer, Bobby’s foster carer, said: “We have become very fond of him. From being a real scaredy-cat when he first arrived, peering out from his makeshift house, a large cardboard box, he now spends most of his time out and about in his room. He has become an extremely friendly cat and a good companion. A real gentle giant.”

Bobby seems to prefer the company of men, Linda said. “If he is in his box when my husband goes to see him, he immediately comes out to play, enjoying rolling around, being stroked and having his head rubbed. He is more reserved with me, preferring to sit and watch me fill his bowls and provide cleaning services. He seems more comfortable with men, which is something to be considered with his next home.

Bobby is looking for a quiet adult-only home where he can be allowed time to settle in. He has shown to be more at ease with men so a home with at least one male could be ideal to help him settle and become a lifelong friend and grateful companion.

Can you offer a home to Bobby? Please visit www.cats.org.uk/mitcham/adopt-a-cat or contact mitcham@cats.org.uk / 03000 120 285.