Acorn™ announces its first smartphone – a feature packed, flagship Android handset


Acorn™ Inc Ltd has this week announced its first smartphone, the Micro™ Phone C5– a feature packed, flagship Android™ handset, aimed to give UK consumers a smarter choice of mobile phone. To celebrate the 40th year of the historic Acorn brand, the relaunched UK company is revealing the Micro in tribute to its predecessor and to debunk the myth that premium mobiles cost premium prices.

Acorn became one of the UK’s favourite names in tech when it was at the forefront of ushering in the computing revolution in the 1980’s. Success came with producing the BBC Micro, selling over a million units, and inventing ARM® (Acorn Risc Machine) which became one of the UK’s most famous exports (100 Billion+ units shipped) which is prevalent in most modern technology.

Micro – A SmarterPhone

Inspired by the team from the 1980’s, Acorn shares the philosophy that tech should be exciting, useful and affordable. Putting it at the forefront of modern technology, the Micro offers advanced features such as Quad Cameras letting users get pro-standard depth-of-field photos; a 5.7” 18:9 Super Screen for more screen and less phone; and fingerprint biometric security.

The Micro runs a powerful octa-core ARM® mobile processor giving gives users the best of Android™, artificial intelligence and voice control via Assistant and access to over 2 million apps & games. Acorn is collaborating with Google™ to ensure that the Micro is fully GMS™ Approved before shipping.

The Micro gives users the choice of UK telco providers with network unlocked dual-SIM slots and super fast Cat 6 4G and VoLTE.