Advice For Responsible Slot Gambling From An Ex-Addict


I’m Gerald, and what you are going to read might be a little distressing to some people, because it deals with the ins and outs of a pretty severe gambling addiction. It was in the Summer of 2011 that I first started playing online slots, I prefer to be inside when its hot and these wonderful little games gave me a great deal of enjoyment. We suggest to read about play ojo review before indulging into online slots.

In the early days I was winning almost daily, playing for up to 6 hours in each session. This was right when online slot technology was really coming into its own too, and by 2013 I had quit my job in order to be able to spin the reels literally all the time. The first six months was awful, I was messy, suffering from malnutrition, and I wouldn’t take the time to wash for weeks. Six months later I had resorted to stealing off my family and other petty crimes to keep my addiction afloat. Things just had to change. 

Luckily my brother ended up taking a very firm stance with me, something that really did make me sense at the time. I will always be in debt with him for that. I spent two months in rehab, and after that was a successful recovery, I haven’t touched an online slot since! I think someone who has been in my position owes a lot back to society, so here I am giving some advice for responsible gambling, read ahead to find out. 

Stick To Your Gambling Kitty 

One of the main reasons why my gambling addiction got so severe is that I never set a limit on how much I wanted to spend when playing. That means no gambling kitty, no set of guidelines at all. I gambled away to my hearts content, winning 1k some times, but also succumbing to crippling and much bigger losses at other times. 

I am determined to make every single online slot aficionado to set an immensely strict gambling kitty before they even think of spinning the reels. Not doing so wrecked my entire life; please don’t let it do the same to yours. I implore you. 

Listen To You Friends And Family 

This is another critically important thing to do to avoid developing a really bad gambling problem. You need to listen to your friends and family, even when it seems a lot easier not too. Trust me, I estranged myself from pretty much everyone I knew at the worst of my problem, unable to deal with their constant criticism.

So the lesson is, when somebody you know and trust tells you that you have an online slots addiction, you simply have to listen to them and take action. You cannot put a price on friends or family. You can on online slots. 

Use The Help Available 

Something I didn’t know was that many online casino sites in the present day have very sophisticated procedures in place to stop problem gambling. This includes being able to strictly limit your playing time on their site, and even chatting to somebody over instant messenger about your problem.