After quarantine makeover with beauty coach Giulia Tom


In mid-March 2020, non-essential services such as cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in major hubs like NYC and Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London & Milan, across the world clinics were forced to temporarily close, — but as they began to reopen months later, prospective patients were quick to bang on their doors.

Giulia Tom, owner of London Covid testing clinic ( and London beauty laser Clinic ( caters from covid tests, travel certificates to beauty procedures such as facial laser CO2 treatments, vitamin drips, EMS body sculpt and U-shape III, a body-contouring alternative to liposuction, she told the outlet that overall demand at her practices was 20 percent higher in July 2020 than during the same period the previous years.

“We’re were booked for months, but it didn’t peak right when the quarantine stopped; it keep building up,” she said. “July 2020 was the busiest month in the history of the company, and that’s the last nine years.”

The first clinics to reopen were in the US and the last in Milan, EU. The London locations re-opened, on April 12th 2020, according to the report.

Giulia Tom said the “quarantine 10” — 10 pounds gained amid the pandemic — might be at least partly the reason for the increased demand. Gyms were closed and people confined to their homes were breaking out the snacks in a big way.

“ Many of us felt unattractive and our confidence and moral, were down by a mile but now, she says , with summer around the corner and back into the new normality as they call it, now is the perfect time to boost your health and confidence again, many are interested in treatments such as non surgical but also going under the scalpel is now more and more popular again, males and females.

Many of us are now back to work but working remotely and many meetings use todays technology “video calls”, is a harsh wake up call.“There’s something inherently unflattering about a 30-degree, angled-upward, forward-facing camera on a laptop,”

Appointments got hard to get especially for EMS Sculpt as suddenly with the lifting in the UK; the brits wanted to lose those extra pounds fast.

Botox and Co2 also grew in demand as facial appearance almost as body appearance needed maintaining as the brits were able to socialise once again more freely.