All-female self defence classes launch in London to empower women


This week The Krav Maga Club launches its first self defence class dedicated solely to women, that aims to be a safe space to learn empowering defensive skills as well as boost their confidence and fitness levels.

According to a recent ONS survey, two out of three women aged 16 to 34 years said they had experienced one form of harassment in the previous 12 months; with half (49%) of women stating they feel unsafe walking alone at night, compared to just 19% of men who feel the same. Well over a quarter (29%) of women also say they have felt like they were being followed.

The new all-female classes hope to provide women with greater awareness and knowledge of how to stay safe in these types of situations that are of increasing concern. Classes will be taught by a fully-qualified female instructor and will offer a range of practical training, including defensive techniques for scenarios that women in particular are more likely to face.

The Krav Maga Club, which officially launched last month, teaches Israeli Krav Maga at venues in Islington and Barbican. The new club aims to fight back against the outdated reputation of combat training or martial arts being naturally geared towards men due to the requirement of high levels of aggression, and be the first fully inclusive club that welcomes members of all ages and genders into a safe and friendly training environment.

Founder & Head Instructor at The Krav Maga Club, Andrew Nash says “It’s not unusual for new members to join us after having a bad experience, and unfortunately it’s more common among our female members. Until now krav maga has had a reputation for being very male dominated and aggressive. I hope to change that with The Krav Maga Club, and that is why I’m very proud to be able to offer this class for women that want or need it.

“While I always encourage training in a mixed class for more realistic practice, we understand that some women may not feel comfortable or able to do so, for reasons personal to them. I do not believe this should exclude them from the physical and mental benefits of Krav Maga which is why I want my club to be a safe space for all ages and genders. I am thrilled to see our female membership growing and I look forward to welcoming more members to our new all-female classes in the future.”

With excellent benefits to physical and mental wellbeing as well as learning a new and practical life skill, members can expect to unlock new potential in themselves, build confidence and improve fitness.

Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defense, combat and fighting, close and third party protection originating in Israel. It is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations.

The Krav Maga Club’s first women’s introduction to self defence class took place yesterday on Monday 4th October at Citysport Fitness Facility in Barbican, and will continue weekly. Any new members can attend an induction class with no joining commitment to see if Krav Maga is right for them.