All You Should Know Before Playing SuperEnalotto


SuperEnalotto is a popular Italian lottery game with impressive jackpots and relatively high chances of winning other prizes. Started in 1997 as a successor to Italy’s Enalotto lottery, it’s now known worldwide. The jackpot often reaches nine digits, encouraging players from different parts of the globe to try their luck.

If you want to join them, you’ve come to the right place. With this guide, you’ll familiarize yourself with the rules, methods of participation, and odds of winning each prize. Read it before playing SuperEnalotto to increase your chance for success and make the whole process go smoothly.

How to Play SuperEnalotto?

In this kind of lottery, players are supposed to pick six main numbers ranging from 1 to 90. You can also select the SuperStar option for an extra fee and get a chance to win an additional prize. The SuperStar number is the one drawn from a different pool of 91 numbers.

During the draw, six numbers plus a supplementary number called Jolly are drawn. Those who score all six win the jackpot. Having 2 to 5 matching numbers (without the Jolly number) gives you a prize, as well. Five matching numbers plus the Jolly number boost the value of the secondary reward.

The draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 20:00 CET, so be sure to check SuperEnalotto results then and see if you have any prize to claim.

Where to Play?

If you live in Italy, you can purchase your ticket from one of the authorized retailers. If you live abroad or don’t want to leave your house, you can do it online, via or other trustful lottery sites. There are some crucial differences between these two options.

When buying a paper ticket from a retailer, you need to keep it safe – otherwise, you won’t be able to claim the prize. And when you want to check the results, you have to do it on your own and revisit the retailer to validate your ticket.

Online participation is much more convenient. Since your tickets are stored in your account, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging them. There’s no need to visit the retailer or remember to check the numbers either, as they are checked automatically. Once it’s done, you’ll be alerted and informed about the prize.

What Can You Win?

The quickest and easiest prize to get is Instant Win. It can be won just by participating in the lottery. While purchasing the ticket, you’ll receive a receipt with a Magic Square containing four random numbers. If they match the numbers you’ve chosen, you win 25 euros. Keep in mind only the main six ones count, as the SuperStar number isn’t included.

Next up are the Main Prizes – these can be claimed by getting two or more matches. The prizes range greatly, with the lowest being about €5.48, and the jackpot (six matches) reaching around 70 million. The Jolly number boosts the value of the 5-matches prize, making it almost twelve times bigger.

Finally, there are the SuperStar Prizes. For those you selected this option, even scoring the SuperStar Number alone results in a prize. Combined with 1 to 6 matching numbers, it significantly increases the value of each Main Prize. For instance, with three matching numbers, you can win about 27 euros (on average), while the same score plus the SuperStar number will make this sum multiplied by a hundred.

What Are the Odds?

Overall, the odds of winning a prize in SuperEnalotto are 1 in 20 (without SuperStar prizes and Instant Win prizes included).

Unsurprisingly, one has the highest chance of winning with two matches. In this case, the odds are 1 in 22. With every other number, chances decrease, making it harder to hit bigger prizes.

Although the SuperStar option gives you significantly bigger prizes, the probability of getting the rewards for 2 to 6 matches is much lower than for non-SuperStar players. If, for instance, you look at the chances for the jackpot, it’s 1 in 56,035,316,700 compared with 1 in 622,614,630 for the standard six-match prize.

However, chances for scoring the SuperStar number alone or combined with one match are still pretty high (1 in 138 and 1 in 327, respectively). It means you’re more likely to get one of those than claim the Instant Win, which goes to every 500th player.

How Much Are the Entries?

In SuperEnalotto, each entry costs one euro. The SuperStar option requires players to pay extra 0.50 euros. If you want to increase your chances of winning, it’s possible to enter more than one line of numbers using an Integrated System. For example, by paying 7 euros, you’ll get seven possible combinations. Adding the SuperStar option will increase the cost to 10.50 euros, as the SuperStar price has to be multiplied by seven.

Let’s Play!

Impressive jackpots and a variety of prizes make SuperEnalotto an attractive game for many. Before playing it, one should learn the rules and the odds of getting each prize. Knowing various strategies and methods will help you increase your chances. Consider additional options and their cost and ask yourself: can you afford them? Are they worth it? Which gives you the highest chance? Also, decide what method of purchasing your ticket is best for you. Don’t lose your paper ticket, be wary of scammers and pick reliable betting sites if you’re getting it online.

Are you feeling more confident now? We hope you do. With all the information in mind, enjoy the thrill the lottery gives and carefully choose your lucky numbers. With a bit of luck, patience, and strategy, you might be the next SuperEnalotto winner!