AMAR ADATIA Exclusive: City film producer talks 2019’s Cannes Film Festival and future plans


Fresh from Cannes Film Festival, we sat down with city film producer and actor Amar Adatia to find out more about how he found the festival and what he has earmarked for the future.

Q. Amar, how is 2019 going so far for you?
Honestly it’s been amazing and non stop for me … we started out shooting Ria in london for a month in February and then we headed out to cannes for the film festival and Marche which was lovely .

Q. In your own words how did you find 2019’s Cannes Film Festival?

It’s been a very productive trip with lot of good things coming this year! It’s always amazing to connect with people in the industry and get inspired by so many amazing films.

Q. As a producer/actor what makes Cannes appealing for you?

As a producer it’s definitely meeting the distributors and sales agents. We received a lot of positive feedback and know our next steps.

As an actor, it’s good to get your name out there and meet other producers to collaborate with.

Q. What can we expect from Amarich Productions in the next 12 months?

A release of The Seven which will be coming end of the year, our next film Ria is in the works as we speak, and more travelling and making movies I guess 🙂

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