American Instagram SuperModel Charli Nicki Announces New Exclusive Partnership With Onlyfans


If you love TikTok and Modeling, you have most likely seen some stunning work by Carli Nicki. Carli is a worldwide known supermodel who has earned herself a huge fanbase across various social media platforms. In fact, Charli Nicki is so popular on TikTok that people are making compilation videos about her on YouTube.

Carli Nicki has made a lot of collaborations for top brands like; Onlyfans, Fashion Nova, and Louis Vuitton just to name a few. Hence, Carli Nicki loves to travel often, while traveling the world Nicki loves showcasing the places she travels to on her Instagram page. Jumping from one platform to another, Carli’s followers on TikTok alone are more than 2 million and her videos get more than 150 million likes across all platforms.

Carli recently partnered up with OnlyFans, says she delved into OnlyFans to connect with a new audience and gain more exposure — I was looking for a way to monetize my existing fanbase as well, she ends. Being a new name on the platform, Carli was able to quickly gain 10,000 consistent subscribers as soon as she partnered up.

Carli Nicki has also made good money throughout this journey. She managed to earn herself a passive income stream, her earnings are in five figures monthly from OnlyFans alone.

Carli Nicki wants to tell everyone who wants to start with modeling that they should not be afraid of showing their beauty. Nicki says that a person needs to do what they love and be confident while doing it. She concludes this by saying that no one should stop anyone from showcasing their talent and the right audience will always appreciate your work no matter what.