An interview with the new game changers, Vladdys Diamonds


In a world where social media runs supreme, celebrity culture drives political and social change, and where a pandemic has caused a shift in the way we live and work, it’s no surprise businesses like Vladdy’s Diamonds are changing the paradigm.

Known for providing high grade, high quality jewellery, diamonds & high end watches, Vladdy’s is a boutique jeweller making serious waves in the heart of New York City. From custom Rolexes to bespoke chains and pendants, Vladdy’s clientele has grown to include some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names.

We got the chance to talk to Vladdy about his business and what it’s like working with the best.

Tell us about yourself – what drew you towards jewellery?
My name is Vladdy, I am 36 years old, I was 9 when my family immigrated to America.
We arrived in Brooklyn with a few thousand dollars and a suitcase of clothes. I dropped out of my senior year in high school and chose to follow my dream as a businessman. I worked a full time job in the restaurant industry as a waiter until I was offered an intern position for two months in a Jewelry store. It was a hard decision to make at the age of 17, to work with no pay and lose my job. I took the risk not knowing where I would end up and this choice changed my life. What drew me to the Jewelry Industry is the fast paced retail vibe. I enjoy meeting and interacting with people daily from all over the world that trust me to be creative with their heirlooms.

You’ve worked with some big names – tell us about some of your favourite pieces and how they came about.
I take pride in working with big names in the industry. My favorite custom diamond necklace was made for Jadakiss. This timeless piece has 30 Carats of Flawless diamonds mounted onto a special design with two-tone White/Rose gold chain. I was honored to be chosen in creating this work of art for him.


How do you use social media? We’ve noticed some comedic skits with Fatboy – does your audience enjoy the insight into what it’s like to run a jewellery business?
Social Media (Instagram in particular) is my primary platform that I use to showcase all the rare custom designs on Luxury Timepieces and Jewelry. I believe my audience enjoys the entertainment that comes along with the art. Fatboy has a unique approach to showcasing content for both of our pages.

What has it been like during this pandemic – has your business model changed in any way?
The Pandemic has changed our approach toward running our Flagship store. All inquiries were shifted to be made via phone or Dms. Our workload doubled due to high volume on Instagram. Our niche in custom jewelry has become the most requested type of item.

We managed to conduct business through our platform and decided to invest into two special 3D Solidscape printers that are best known for precision and efficiency. With pride, we now offer a faster turnaround time on custom made jewelry.

How is your business changing the game?
Vladdy’s Diamonds & Watches is known to provide pristine quality, service, value & competitive price.

Tell us what’s next – where do you see the Vladdy’s Diamonds name?
Vladdy’s Diamonds is a brand that will continue to branch out worldwide. Our next location is Miami, Florida