Angelo Sato’s YATAI brings authentic Japanese cooking to the homes of Londoners


ATAI, a new food delivery service created by Angelo Sato, has been giving Londoners a taste of traditional Japanese cooking at home since the beginning of the country’s lockdown. Previously operating in the West End’s Market Halls, YATAI now brings traditional Japanese dishes to the residents of south London, with a menu that features classically prepared Sushi Bowls, Donburis, Katsu Curries and Sandos.

Translated to “shop stand” in Japanese, YATAI’s mission has always been clear: to create high quality, authentic Japanese dishes that don’t compromise on premium ingredients or classical cooking techniques, at an affordable price that rivals those of high street chains.

The concept was brought to life in 2019 by Japanese born Sato, following a hugely successful bento box pop-up, Mission Sato, in Old Street, and the launch of his first permanent grab and go concept, Omoide, in 2018. The precursors to YATAI, Mission Sato and Omoide successfully struck the balance between creating high quality dishes packed with vibrant Japanese flavours, while remaining accessible to the workforce of the area.

The chef, whose CV boasts experience in some of the most acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo and New York, made the move to London with nothing but a passion for cooking, before he began working under some of the country’s most prolific chefs including Adam Byatt and Tom Sellers.

After making YATAI permanent last year, Sato quickly built his own cult following for his innovative interpretations of authentic Japanese dishes, including the iconic Hakata Ramen Katsu Sando and flavourful Chirashi Sushi Bowls.

Fans of the Market Halls residence will be familiar with many of the dishes on the Deliveroo menu, including some of YATAI’s greatest hits, such as the indulgent Humble Chicken Katsu Curry and the best selling Pride of Japan, a tuna based sushi bowl which packs a healthy kick. These classics sit alongside new dishes, including a selection of comforting Donburi bowls and a range of traditional sides including the Japanese Wafu Salad.

For Londoners outside of the current delivery radius, Sato has joined forces with Lucky Pilgrim’s newest project, The Cook Down, to help satisfy those with Katsu cravings through a collection of his own recipes. As part of the project, Sato reveals an assortment of his culinary secrets, including creating the perfect Dashi noodle broth, and how to perfect Japanese-style pickles.