M&S launch exclusive Strawberry Clotted Cream


Whether you do it the Cornish way or the Devonshire way, the age-old debate of what to top a scone with first, often results in a heated debate over a cup of Earl Grey. Until now!

M&S introduces the first EVER product to silence both parties, by combining jam with clotted cream and making one ULTIMATE AFTERNOON TEA DELIGHT!

Made at Langage Farm in the stunning Devonshire countryside, clotted cream has been their speciality for over 40 years, but this is the first time they’ve created a strawberry infused clotted cream, just for M&S. This luxury clotted cream (£2.50, 200g) combines milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows, for the silkiest and most sumptuous taste. Add to that a delicious strawberry compote with mini fruit pieces and you’ve got a winning recipe for success with any scone lover! Eat it on a scone, sandwich it between a victoria sponge, dollop it on icecream if you like, whichever way you eat it makes no difference to us…but you simply MUST try it!

April Preston, Director of Product Development says: “Jam first or cream first, there’s no doubt this question makes for a healthy debate amongst cream tea fans up and down the country. I’m a proud Devonian, so up until now I’ve always slathered my cream on first, before adding jam. Now, all I need is our Collection Strawberry Clotted Cream to have the best of both worlds, it is quite simply heaven on a scone. So next time you indulge in an afternoon tea, try it the M&S way and let us know if you have been converted! I know I am.”

Available nationwide from Wednesday 3rd June.