Ankit Singh – time for a comeback? Goliath returns


If you are familiar with motorsports, you might have heard about Ankit Singh. He is a Grand Prix winner who loves fast cars and fast life.

Most of us are satisfied by watching action movies but not this young gentleman. Idolising F1 world champion James Hunt, he kickstarted his journey on the racetrack by winning a few local races. What came after was even better!, that is, winning a Grand Prix without ever training for it.

After a blistering run of winning streak (and might we say, having one of the highest win-to-loss ratio), he decided to take a sabbatical for sometime and work on other aspects of his life.

His racing style is like no other and his classic draft-and-cover move lets him completely lambaste his opponents. Surprisingly, he has never gone through any traditional motorsports training.

In 2016, Singh broke long standing track records, took the podium then sat on the ground gesturing that he doesn’t consider anyone above or below him.

Singh also owns ‘SKISSE’ (, a company known for bespoke fine art, has written a book on cyber security ‘Hacking for Newbies’ and developed some of the finest softwares and applications too! By the age of 18, he designed a one of a kind video game technology.

“I would be nothing if not for the constant care and support from my mom and dad… I know I still have a long way to go but I want to experience life with my parents… I love them more than anything. They are the best.” – Singh

We’re hoping to watch him display his prowess on the track against some of the best in business.

He is in talks with major sponsors for his return into the racing world. Excited to see this Goliath decimate his competition? Our sources tell us, you can see him make a comeback by Q4 2019.

You can follow Ankit Singh on Instagram @aizen00x