Anna Kennedy OBE on Valerie Grant suicide “the system has let this family down”


by Anna Kennedy OBE

Last night I was deeply saddened to read this headline on the BBC “A parent of an Autistic Adult takes her life walking in front of a train after her son is stripped of everything.”

This is so sad and makes me angry that the system has let this family down. Parents constantly battling the system that is suppose to be in place to support individuals with a autism.

I believe a vital area is transition to adulthood and much more needs to be done.

There is very little information on whether autistic adults find it easier to work in certain jobs. Many autistic adults need structure and routine. Small reasonable adjustments can make a huge difference.

Only by learning more about how autistic children do later in life can we make sure that our childrens education is tailored to increase the chances of them entering the workplace successfully.

More resources, more support needs to be put in place and more understanding will help ensure that every autistic adults life is a life worth living.

Parents are constantly worrying since they feel that the system sees their sons and daughters as a burden to society . I worry for my sons future when we are no longer around. My husband and I are trying to put everything in place so that our boys are supported when we are dead and gone.