Aqara Expands to Amazon UK


Aqara , a provider for smart home products,announced the launch of its first Amazon store in Europe, the Aqara Amazon UK store. Starting from July 28, 2021, a comprehensive suite of Aqaraproducts will be made available on Amazon UK toresidents not only in the UK, but also in dozens of European countries that are covered in the Amazonnetwork.

Aqara has been selling smart home products in Europe since 2020 via dozens of authorizeddistributors, and has become one of the mostpopular brands among the European smart homecommunity for the high product quality, the accessible prices and the seamless integration withmajor ecosystems including Apple HomeKit,Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

The launch of Aqara’s first Amazon Europe store marks another milestone for the fast-growing brand,offering millions of European consumers an easyand convenient access to the Aqara product lineup.Following its UK Amazon store, Aqara is expected toadd two more brand stores on Amazon France andAmazon Germany in the following months.

The product lineup on the Aqara Amazon UK store include:

Aqara Hub M2 (£54.99*) – Aqara’s most advanced and future-proof smart home hub that connects all Aqara devices and allows seamless integrationacross Aqara sensors and home automation devices;

Aqara Camera Hub G2H (£64.99) An indoorHomeKit Secure Video camera for home security,with the Zigbee hub function to enhance homesecurity and smart home automations;

Aqara Door & Window Sensor (£17.99) – It detects if a window or a door is open in real time, and enables push notifications or/and local alarm activation when the door/ window opens unexpectedly;

Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor (£19.99) – It monitors temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure in real time, and can connect with other Aqara devices for home automations and scenes;

Aqara Motion Sensor (£21.99) – It detects human movements with passive infrared and can work with other Aqara products to set home automations and scenes, such as turning on/off lights when it detectsactivity or inactivity;

Aqara Water Leak Sensor (£19.99) – It detects flood, and enables push notifications or/and local alarmactivation to protect the property;

Aqara Vibration Sensor (£19.99) – It detects vibration, tilt and drop, alerts users when unexpectedmovement is detected, and can be used for homeautomations and scenes;

Aqara Wireless Switch H1 (£26.99) A remote switchwith 7 configurable actions to control smart homedevices or home scenes;

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (£17.99) A versatile andcompact switch with 3 configurable actions to controlsmart home devices or home scenes;

Aqara Cube (£19.99) A versatile controlling cubethat recognizes 6 gestures (push, shake, rotate, taptwice, flip 90°, and flip 180°) for smart home control;

Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor** (£39.99) – Itdetects the concentration and level of total volatileorganic compounds (TVOC) in the air, as well as temperature and humidity, and can be bound with anAqara hub to enable home automations ;

Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 EU** (£39.99-£42.99) – Aqara s first wall switch designed for Europe,available in both With Neutral and No Neutralversions;

To celebrate the launch, Aqara now offers a limited-time discount of 10% OFF for all purchases on its Amazon UK store with the promo code: AmazonUKPR. The offering is valid through July 30,2021.

* All prices include VAT.

** Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor and Wall Switch HtEU will be available on Amazon UK in the followingweeks.