August Signals Growth: Germany To Buy $415-Billion in Cryptocoins, SafeTitan ICO on 14th, Billionaires Like DOGE coin


Cryptocurrency investors, who aren’t property informed on the historical trends of stock trading & financial markets,have been shaken. The sudden drop of Cryptos from all-time highs and crypto moon shot, disappeared for almost a month.   Some have a lot of money. However, smart money is still HODLING.   And with August Cryptocoin news, big signals are flying to indicate a major bounce back.  A big ICO opportunity on August 14th, Amazon’s talking Cryptos, DOGE gets major support, and even Germany is looking to open up $415-billion-dollars to the crypto market.  A goliath moment for the cryptocurrency industry is upon us.

Germany Could Invest $415-Billion Dollars

Not all countries see the opportunity but one of the world’s elite does.  Germany, possibly the most efficient country on earth and one of the most technologically advanced, is preparing for a cryptocurrency operative world.

In under 48 hours, German institutional funds will be able to hold up to 20% of their assets in cryptocurrencies.   The new law aims to modify the country’s Spezialfonds law, also known as special funds,  to equalize the playing field on digital assets.  Actually, perhaps ‘catch up,’ is more of the proper term as some individual citizens of Germany have been seeing big gains off Cryptocurrencies for years now..

This new law means 20% of $2.1-Trillion dollars of invetor’s assets could suddenly shift into crypto markets.  This would drive up the price of coins tremendously if that mount, which is around $415-billion, were to suddenly stake a portion of Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens.

Amazon Creating A Crypto & Accepting Others

This sudden large investment is far from the only reason Cryptocoins are headed to a ‘moon ride’ however.    There’s much more speculation going on, that’s even more massive.

Amazon has published a job opening for a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain lead, while eBay has begun removing Paypal from it’s payment option.

While the Amazon speculation of Bitcoin being accepted by the end of 2021, was denied by Jeff Bezos & company, the job opening was confirmed.   It is true that Amazon will be using cryptocurrencies and centralized bank digital currencies in the relatively near future.

What’s’ not clear is if it will accept coins like ETH, BItcoin, DOGE, and SHiB.  Some speculate that Amazon will release their own coin.

eBay removing Paypal For Cryptos

A long-time ‘roadblock’ for Paypal, it looks like the internet payment service has found another hurdle here in 2021 with Cryptos.  And it seems their one-time partner, eBay, will help make that hurdle harder to get over.

According to POCNetwork, eBay recently emailed users letting them know they would have to add banking information to their account and not just paypal. The move is to prepare users for the removal of Paypal from the auction & e-commerce powerhouse, in what POC speculates to be 2023.

Users will no longer leave eBay to checkout.  And possibly a platform like will become the on-site crypto checkout tool of choice.   Crypto holders could begin making seamless transfers for purchases via a browser add-on like metafox.

Even smaller coins might be accepted once this takes place.   VeChain and SHIB cryptocurrency communities on-line are already clamoring to use the platform.

SafeTitan’s August ICO Launch

SafeTitan ‘The China Coin,’ as some are referring to it, will be one of those smaller tokens soon.  The heavily popular BNB-paired token is going to have it’s initial coin offering (ICO) on August 14th, a Saturday.    It will be up for sale exclusively via the on-line application.

Opening at a price of $0.005,  speculators on-line expect the token to rise over 100x of that price ($0.50 USD).    Commonly known as a ‘crypto moon shoot’ or ‘moon shot,’ this is typical for coins with an actual future use.   Ethereum (ETH) started at only $0.30 cents just a few years ago and has since topped $4,000 (USD) in value.

SafeTitan’s focus on China make it’s investment value particularly appetizing because of the tokenomics.  Only 1-billion tokens will be produced of the STTN cryptocurrency, and 10% is expected to sell out during its initial coin offering. Once it’s listed in a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) like Pancake Swap, millions of Americans and Europeans will have instant access. This is alongside the billions of Chinese who will soon see a ‘new influence’ over China’s top social media platforms.   SafeTitan’s website states they will be launching a major marketing campaign across Far East social media like WeChat, YouKu, and Tencent.

The future of SafeTitan is to become a cryptocurrency for DeFi loans.   Users that hold tokens on it’s ‘SafeTitan Swap’ (name may change) will be able to give secured loans to other users.  This cuts out the ‘middleman’ or banking industry, giving loanees lower interest rates and allowing loaners to create a new income stream.

The SafeTitan ICO launch on the 14th, a Saturday,  requires account registration before August 9th however according to reddit.

Cross-chain bridging will allow STTN to be swapped with bigger brand tokens via BNB.    Users can sell for BNB and transfer the balance to Binance. There,  token holders will find Ethereum, Bitcoin, VeCHain, SHIB, LTC, DOGE, and all the others.

DOGE’s Getting Adopted Big Time

For those in the market currently, the coin to watch may be Dogecoin.  The Shiba Inu-faced token has garnered massive adoption in recent weeks.   If the rate of businesses picking up on the brand hype continues, it could cause a decent return before the ‘October run.’

Axe, a nearly 3-billion-dollar brand for men’s grooming and fragrance, released a limited edition “DOGE scent” body spray. This was to drive awareness to the Decentralized currency brand and incentive those people who use it.   The ‘crypto scent’ wasn’t supposed to be released until DOGE hit $1 in value however.

AXE chose to go ahead and release the can anyway.   It was offered free to anyone via their official website.  The campaign not only drove a huge buzz to DOGE for that week but it also cross-promoted the innovative body spray brand.

The limited edition DOGE deodorant has completely ran out or ‘sold out’ at the price of free 99.   However, it has not found its way to auction site eBay yet.  It is likely to be there soon. Prices could fall anywhere between $20 to $50 (USD) per can.  It was available exclusively in North America.

Down in South America however, there was another DOGE adoption.  Burger King Brazil has began accepting the Shiba inu face token.

The fast-food giant will be selling a ‘Dogpper’ sandwich for the price of 3 DOGE (approximately $0.64).

This new Dogpper is a spin-off of the world-famous BK Whopper.  The crypto-friendly sandwich has been available since Monday, June 26th.     It can be ordered via all the major food delivery applications of Brazil’s major cities.

The sandwich can also be purchased with fiat but the restaurant prefers users transfer money to the Burger King Brazil wallet.

The numerous tweets since Burger King’s launch suggest the “Doggper” has a great taste.

Next up on the list for adopting DOGE is the brand of the biggest promoter of the token. Elon Musks’ Tesla Motors company is expected to accept DogeCoin payments in the near future.

Either way, the Cryptocoin news of August 2021 is exciting.  Prices of coins have jolted upwards in the last few days and market analysts said if Bitcoin holds past $40k, a run is imminent.

For this reason, many Cryptocoin investors are sounding like Forest Gump these days with their hope.  “Run Cryptos Run” they are writing across all major social media platforms.