Are No Deposit Bonuses Disappearing?


Online casinos are becoming more and more popular and so not only the number of new customers but also the number of online casinos themselves are increasing – day by day. 

However, this also means that the respective providers always have to come up with new ideas to be able to convince potential players of their offers accordingly.

When it comes to bonus offers, casino reviews show that sites display a great deal of creativity. Meanwhile, smaller deposit bonuses are becoming a thing. Therefore, the following question arises: Are true no deposit bonuses disappearing? Or is it better to opt for the deposit and smaller welcome bonuses? In the following, we will first take a look at the different bonus types.

The Different Types of Bonuses

The new customer acquisition of online casinos is done with numerous and various promotions and bonuses – including the starting balance and the deposit bonus. Another type is the so-called welcome package with credit and free spins and also special bonus codes and regular promotions, which take place on weekends.

The Starting Balance

This is usually designed rather small but comes without any deposit. Registration is usually sufficient to receive – the specification of the bank account, credit card or other payment data is not necessary for this.

Furthermore, the starting credit is very fast and can be obtained quickly. It can usually be used immediately after registration. Only rarely does it happen that there are other bonuses such as free spins in addition.

The Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus requires a prior deposit. The advantage: This bonus is more generous than the previously mentioned starting balance. As a rule, an additional 100% to even 200% of the first deposits are paid out as a bonus.

Since a deposit is required here, the online casino also needs the corresponding payment data of the player. In addition, additional verification of the player is usually required. This can be done in the form of sending identification documents.

Until the granted bonus credit is available to the player, it may take a certain amount of time. However, this is determined individually. Mostly, however, it is still the case that first the deposited credit is used up for playing. Only then is the bonus balance used for this purpose.

Mostly, the deposit bonuses are offered by the online casinos as a bonus package with additional bonuses. These include, among other things, free spins for certain video slots or additional bonus codes. Often, there is also a multi-level division in the deposit bonuses: If the players make further deposits, they can also count on further, sometimes attractive bonuses.

The Lack of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are an essential element for new and old customers, given that they provide players with free cash from the provider itself, that they can use as credit for real money games. Yet, these are getting harder to find. 

Instead of having a wide arrange of options, no deposit bonuses are like hidden promotions, that lots of casinos are trying to avoid – given how rewarding they can be for players and how easy it’s to turn them into real money.

Which Bonus Should a Player Choose?

Although no deposit bonuses are hard to find, the other different bonus types have both their respective advantages and disadvantages. Which one is the most worthwhile always depends mainly on the player and his requirements. As a beginner, the small and therefore manageable starting balance is certainly worthwhile first – although we’d all love to see more free promotions again!