Are you planning To Change Your Name? Here’s How To Do It


Several reasons compel some people to go ahead and get their name changed. Maybe a divorce or separation or the urge to start over a new life. In the case of divorce or separation, a woman might decide to go back to her maiden name, or when a person is looking for a fresh start, he would want to start over with a new name and identity that will help him leave the memories that drove him to this point. It might seem overwhelming, but the process of changing names has become easier over the years. The hassle-free process has made the lives of people much more comfortable. And the best part is, it can be done online!

Deed Poll Offices roll out online services to make this process more seamless.

Here is how it works:

  • Order Online: 

When you land on the website, read the instructions carefully and then apply for the online application. Once you apply for it, you will be redirected to a payment gateway. The amount for the deed poll is minimum, and the payment method is entirely secure. Since they accept both credit and debit cards, you can take your pick according to your finances. 

Once you complete this process, a confirmation is rolled out regarding the same. You will receive a letter on the mail id you provide and in many cases, you receive the deed poll on the very same day. Isn’t this fast!

  1. The arrival of the Deed Poll:

The Deed Poll will be sent via post by the concerned authorities. In a few cases where people order for multiple duplicate copies, they also arrive aligned with this document. There are a bunch of other things included in this post like a guide that helps you understand the form and gives instructions on how to sign and witness your name change. This also includes a list of organisations you need to notify after you complete this process. 

  1. Steps to follow after receiving the deed poll:

Once you receive the Deed Poll and the instructions, make sure you go through them thoroughly. Sign wherever required and mention the correct date and gather a few trusted witnesses. Also, check out the list of bodies that you need to notify once you sign the papers. This part is extremely crucial as it would cover all your significant document name changes like your passport, driving license etc. 

  1. The After:

Once you have done everything required, you need to patiently wait for some time for the authorities to respond back. Your name will be updated in all necessary documents so that you don’t face any hassles in the future. Make sure before making these decisions, you inform your close ones.

Changing the name is a legal matter, and you cannot hamper with the documents yourself. You will need a Deed Poll to get this process going. You can go to the UK Deed Poll Office or any other authorised authority to get this job done. You will get all the support you need. Just be confident about your decision and there will be nothing to worry about.