Five-year-old Croydon boy raises money to buy gifts for people who are homeless and alone this Christmas


A five-year-old boy from Croydon has raised over £700 for Christmas gift packs including socks and woolly hats for people who are homeless.

Zac Mutete, a year one pupil at Chestnut Park Primary School, first started fundraising for Crisis at the age of three when he found out that people were living on the street because they didn’t have a home.

This year he donated his £5 pocket money which has grown into £721 as friends and family, and even some people who don’t know him, felt inspired to contribute to his online fundraising page.

His mum Lee Webster has helped him put together packs of chocolate, socks and woolly hats which Zac delivered to Crisis’ Skylight Centre in Croydon today to pass on to their members. (photos here)

This year Crisis has adapted its services so that it can provide vital support in a safe and socially-distanced way. For nearly 50 years the charity has provided volunteer-run centres at Christmas, offering food, clothing, advice and support with health, housing, employment and benefits so that people who are homeless can spend the season in the company of others, and to help put them on a path out of homelessness for good.

Lee said: “Zac became genuinely concerned when we explained to him why people were sleeping on the streets. He is very passionate about doing all that he can to help out. Crisis has been really helpful in advising us on how to help someone who is homeless. We didn’t want to ask people directly for money but have been surprised by everyone’s generous contributions following a few posts on Facebook.”

Zac said: “It’s really cold outside and some people don’t have houses and they’re not always warm and they don’t have beds to sleep in. They live on the street. I decided to give them gloves with my £5 pocket money and to ask my family and friends to help me buy scarves and hats and socks and chocolate and crisps. Thanks to everyone who has donated.”

Richard Lee, Fundraising Director for Crisis said: “This has been a tough year for many of us and it’s shown us how much we depend on each other for connection, hope and support in difficult times. It has also reminded us how essential a safe and secure home is, for our physical and mental wellbeing.

“We are so grateful to Zac and his family for raising this money and buying these gifts for our members. We rely on wonderful fundraisers like him to be able to support people who have been forced onto the streets, into sofa surfing, or into a hostels with nowhere to call home and no-one to be with. With the support of people like Zac, we can give more people a Crisis Christmas and help them leave homelessness behind for good.”