Artist Cal Turner talks all things London as he teases potential move to the city!


by Jordan Thursfield

Cal Turner is one of the most spoken about young artists on social media, wowing his army of fans with killer vocals and killer selfies we sat down with him to talk about all things LONDON, because Cal does love a bit of city life!

Q. What’s your favourite place in London?

Cal: My favourite place in London is probably oxford street, I love going there, especially with all the shops etc.

Q. If you had to perform anywhere in London where would it be?

Cal: I’ve performed in Hoxton Square Bar a few times now and I love performing there. however, the dream place would be the O2 arena, I love that venue.

Q.Would you ever move to London?

Cal: Yeah of course I would, Since I was little I’ve always wanted to live in London, I used to visit my nan there when I was younger and I loved it! Now I travel to London quite often, I think it would be ideal to move there. Also a lot of my industry friends live in London so that would be great to get to see people more.

Q. What’s the best place to eat for you in London?

Cal: My favourite place to eat has got to be Nando’s, you can’t go wrong with a Nando’s. I eat it no matter what city I go to, it’s like a tradition for me haha.