ARUBA RED reveals stunning new video for EP track ‘Butterfly’


Alt Soul artist Aruba Red released a stunning video to accompany her EP track ‘Butterfly’,which will be released with the single on the 29th of May.

‘Butterfly’ is drenched with Aruba’s inimitable, soulful and serene style, building up to an uplifting crescendo of beats and ecstatic vibes. The video was recorded at her recent debut headline show at St Pancras Old Church, in early March just before the lockdown. It perfectly captures Aruba’s spellbinding live performance and stage presence, as she sings her healing and uplifting lyrics that bear so much significance for the challenging times we face today.

Aruba Red said “I’m so excited and grateful to share the ‘Butterfly’ video, made all the more special being filmed when it was and shared now during the lockdown. Who knew it would be the last gig for a long time! It feels quite emotional and it was such a special night, the last time I saw so many of my beloved family and friends in person, and the culmination of a lot of hard work and determination. I wrote ‘Butterfly’ to represent my own evolution, coming out of a difficult time, it feels quite poetic that it’s being released during this global shift, as we transform and evolve. The song and the video represent love, self-love, investing in yourself and others, especially the wonderful musicians and creatives I collaborate with. My hope is that ‘Butterfly’ will evoke joy and celebrate the times when we were able to come together to play music and dance. Those days will come again.”

Aruba Red releases ‘Butterfly’ as a rapid follow up to charity single ‘Search For The Hero’, a minimal, acoustic re-working of the classic M People track, which was released on 15thMay with all proceeds going to music charity Help Musicians.

Aruba is no stranger to creating highly personal work imbued with poignancy and meaning. She has established a growing following for her fresh soulful sounds that inspire and uplift.

Aruba’s own personal experiences, from suffering an abusive marriage, a lifetime of anxiety and panic attacks stemming from unresolved childhood trauma, the passing of her well-loved musician father Jack Bruce and birthing her own child, have culminated in the creation of her recently released ‘Shadow Work’EP. The new EP is a highly anticipated celebration of feminine strength and follow-up to her critically acclaimed EP ‘Holy Waters’. The five songs on the new EP ‘Shadow Work’ describe a journey of spiritual and personal evolution, in her own words ‘purifying a lifetime of toxicity, my stepping stones to freedom’.

‘Shadow Work’is a compelling body of work featuring Aruba’s distinctive vocals supported by a cast of incredible talent including co-writer Renell Shaw (Rudimental)and Nathan “Flutebox” Lee (Asian Dub Foundation). This eclectic EP fuses alt soul and experimental production with live instrumentation, a powerful vehicle for Aruba’s artistry into the heart and soul of listeners.

Aruba Red’s journey continues, as she guides and supports her community in spiritual healing with guided meditation sessions, freebirth pregnancy support, as well as ‘Aruba Red’s Women’s Circle’- a gathering celebrating sisterhood and the healing powers of the divine feminine, supported by Ernst & Young.