Dr. Phil & Botched Star Oli London uses his voice to encourage K-Pop fans to support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Reality TV Personality and British K-Pop Star, Oli London-  best known for his appearance on Dr. Phil and Botched- has been praised by tens of thousands of Twitter users for becoming an unlikely and unexpected vocal activist for the Black Lives Matter movement.
The British star, who is considered as extremely controversial in the K-Pop industry due to his radical plastic surgery transformation to look like K-Pop star, Jimin of BTS- has been tweeting for days about the killing of George Floyd, an African-American man brutally killed by police.
The horrific killing has incited mass riots across America due to the killing of predominantly black men, being a common and almost daily occurrence in the United States. Riots started in Minneapolis, Minnesota where George Floyd was killed by a white cop who suffocated him to death with the police officer intially being just fired and not charged with murder.
Now Oli London has taken to Twitter in a video that has attracted nearly 200,000 views encouraging all his followers to sign a petition and urging his American followers to contact their local and state legislators to demand justice.

He also issued a series of tweets slamming celebrities for not using their voices to support the movement saying that all celebrities and influencers have a moral duty to ‘speak up against inequality’ and slams those that don’t speak up as ‘part of the problem’.

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He then goes on to specifically name the Kardashians for their almost complete silence on the issue by saying ‘Because it’s not about them they are not interested’. Oli attracted thousands of comments praising him for speaking up with many netizens saying they have ‘gained respect’ for him and many putting aside their differences with him to sign the petition and support his message.

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He also attracted a lot of comments from K-Pop fans who started their tweets with ‘I Dont like you but thank you for supporting this’, referencing the facts that they dont normally support the controversial TV personality but in this instance they do.
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