Assuras Shaking Up The Consulting Industry With New Approaches


Assuras, an international consulting firm with offices all over the world, has been busy changing the old-fashioned ways of doing things in consulting.

This company takes a different approach when it comes to their consulting. Rather than starting at the top and working their way down, they start at the bottom of an organization and work their way up – eliminating bias for better results.

One of the senior consultants from the London office told us that this methodology is shaking up the consulting industry. It makes older and more outdated styles of consultation seem almost laughable compared to this new innovation. Innovation is essential for any sort of business or organization because leaders need people they can trust – which means they need people who are willing to think outside the box.

Consultants today know they need to adapt to business challenges of tomorrow. Experience is not enough anymore; it isn’t able to keep up with the ever-changing world. COVID-19 demonstrated this when it showed experts can’t solve all problems on their own – they need a partner who understands them, someone who can work alongside them, step out of the way when necessary and share their experiences in an approachable manner. But what do you want? An understanding partner or someone who is just going through the motions?

CEO of Assuras, Tyler King, states that often the best course of action for addressing a problem begins with breaking it down thoroughly and learning exactly what is going on, which benefits from having a fresh new perspective. Bringing in experts where work is done will eliminate bias stemming from executive involvement, allowing them to work efficiently without getting bogged down by prejudice – implementing proactive strategies before identifying new challenges becomes more difficult.

Selection of a consulting agency can never be arbitrary. Experience doesn’t seem to matter much in this day and age of constant change. There’s more to it than that – innovation, creativity, critical thinking- for without those qualities one may just as well rely on experience alone. It’s these traits that make Assuras unique – from their unique understanding of problem solving, to the way they think about problems in general; diversity is what makes them better consultants. So when it comes down to deciding which consultant to hire – make sure you see how the firm approaches problems and solving them.

“We do things different.” says CEO Tyler King, “I like to think of a concept of a roadmap. It does you no good to know your destination if you don’t know where you are currently at. We help you find your position on the map and then guide you to your destination in the most efficient manner.”

A traditional consulting agency would start at the top of the company and work their way down. Assuras approaches it differently – they start from the bottom and work their way up, which means all employees are given an equal chance to speak out about what’s wrong in their workplace. This also prevents biased thoughts that may exist since every employee gets an opportunity to share their opinion on how something can be improved.

Strategies adhered to by Assuras are rare in this world, but these strategies can provide lasting success. Tyler King, CEO of Assuras and graduate from Harvard University’s prestigious program for leadership development, has been quoted repeatedly as saying we do things differently. He states “Assurasspecializes in Lean or Six Sigma methodologies as well as our own unique blend which we’ve found to be the best.”

The enterprise behind these words wants to pave the way for a healthier future, not just for its customers, but for the entire world. Through innovative thinking and an inclination towards solving challenges before they happen instead of right when they do (after all, businesses are constantly evolving), Assurasensures its intentions are always successful in one form or another; whether through presenting solutions at first arrival or seeking guidance months before needed while still operating in accordance with its clients’ every request. Accordingly, they are clearly changing the way business is done in the consulting industry.

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