Atlanta Bubble Resort & Peace Tent, Nature’s Inner City Casino


Their is a bubbling trend in Atlanta.    Locals are tired of being disconnected from reality and stuck in the rat race.  The southern city is probably America’s biggest draw currently for creative people and corporate expansion. However, with all of the stress of local traffic and people incoming via the world’s busier airport, ‘ATL-iens’ want there alien habitat back.   The once ‘Outkasted’ southern culture became the trendsetters of the world this decade. However, the changes from the spotlight took away some of  ‘southern charm’ that once made it desired.    The ‘great outdoors’ that was once synonymous with everything Georgia, is more like “outside of Atlanta’ now.  However, a few AirBNB renters are changing this.   WHile other cities are focused on skyscrapers, soon you will visit the capital city to connect with nature.  The Atlanta Bubble Spa, Tree House, and Peace Tent are nature’s inner city casino.

Peace Tent

Here’s the latest in  ‘Atlamping’ movement.   Rodrick Raney, an internet influencer of nearly over 10 years, partnered to create a Zen tenting experience.     Apparently the once known musician and founder of the 1st Urban fashion website,  is heavily into surrounding himself with positive vibes.    The lifestyle he’s provided from his creativity-driven career path  has culminated in the design of an experience that’s empowers innate human senses.

When visiting the Atlanta Peace Tent one can expect to be surrounded by enhancers of positive thoughts and goals.  Flowers, Cardinals and Hummingbird, bumble bees, a mini pond, and clear quartz crystals (clusters & single pointers) surround the tent.     Guests get free alkaline water and fresh fruit each morning from the host.  At the end of your stay, you get to pick a free clear quartz crystal to take home.

At $40 per night, this is one of the best experiences to be had if Atlamping.   The “Peace Tent” is part of a bigger project Rainey is focused on to bring more camping ideas to the A-town.   If the first partner venture goes well, he will launch the ‘Try A Tent” brand.   Follow the official TAT Facebook  (@TryATent) to keep up with offerings.

ATL Bubble Building a Resort

Before they took down the official instagram and facebook profiles, Dr Omar Reid and his wife Shanty, had one of the hottest rentals of Georgia’s capital city.   The “ATL Bubble” is a unique, half transparent tent.  It allows full viewing of the stars at night from your bed and the awakening to the warmth of sunlight.  Literally, you’re living in  bubble with a bathroom.

On the official instagram, ATL Bubble’s team announced they partnered with someone to build a new resort of these tents.  However, all of that information and photos of the project were taken down recently.   It is not clear why but presumably, the Reid family is not done with this unique project.

Visit for details.

Atlanta TreeHouse

If not familiar with the world famous ‘Atlanta Treehouse,’ perhaps you are already living in nature. Not only that, but under a rock.  This is the world’s most popular AirBNB rental.  This ‘Atlamping’ experience is so popular, the owners only rent to people who have the rental on their wish list.   If that’s not enough of a demand by the owners,  the price is $375 per night to tay.

This is not just any house atop the tree branches you can rent. It is not a symbol of a generation as well.  The Atlanta Tree House has been featured in films, music videos, on major news outlets, and in magazines.     The unique details of butterfly wings in the window frame and beds laced with the world’s finest linens, make it a 1-of-a-kind, true luxury experience.  However, that price matches the word ‘luxury’ by all means.

Roll The Dice

Whenever you visit of these 3 Atlamping experiences, it is sure to be a conversation amongst those who stay for years to come.  Nature cannot be predicted as its not a machine. The things that happen while surrounded by animals, insects, wind, rain, or sun will change with every day.  Their can be expectations, but nothing is guaranteed. Staying at one of these 3 places is not only about being part of a trend, it is also about ‘stopping to smell the roses.’

Have you ever wondered if you’re happy with yourself?  Perhaps wondered if someone really cares about you or just wants something for you?   Try the simplest tent rental for your budget.   While there is WiFi access, there is limited power supply. Turn off your phones and learn the art  of conversation.   Focus on giving attention to the soul by letting your innate senses remind you of what needs to be done.     This may sound ‘crazy’ to some, but roll the dice… If you have stress in your life, you may hit the jackpot and find out something new and great about yourself or your relationship.  If you want something else, there’s always real casinos.   Try the Live Casino Malaysia or something where the odds are foreign and more to your favor.