Guide to Starting to Accept Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business


Businesses evolve over time, and one of the major parts of strong growth is moving to digital cash flow. Studies have shown that credit card acceptance increases store sales by a massive 40% as compared to cash payments.

The competitive market of the modern era requires modern solutions and an updated business model. You cannot run a business without accepting credit card payments. However, you cannot just add credit card acceptance to your business without careful planning. Credit card transactions not only cost you money but can also leave your business vulnerable to many security risks. Your company’s security and stability could be placed at risk.

You need to understand the concept of accepting credit card payments before moving forward. If you understand how to implement the method without exposing your business, you can successfully establish your business as a giant in the field.

Why Should You Accept Credit Cards?

Accepting credit cards shows the world that your business is ready to compete with modern businesses and is open to scalability.

Although the option comes with service charges, transaction charges, and other fees, yet it boosts your business significantly. Here are the key advantages of upgrading your small business to accept credit cards:

Accepting credit cards increases the number of sales. The modern customer likes to use the credit card as an easy payment method, and for a variety of other perks that come along. The customer earns rewards, travel miles, and other benefits. Moreover, the credit companies urge them to spend more to earn generous packages and perks.
Many customers are impulse buyers, and they don’t want to carry around cash. Credit cards offer a certain ease to buy on impulse and shop from anywhere in the world.
Get into the game with credit card acceptance. Almost every business in the industry accepts online and credit card payments. If you do not change your business model, you will be left behind in their dust. Credit card payments are among the most common and convenient payment options.
Enhance the process of cash inflow with digital cash payments. The traditional invoicing process takes more than 2 or 3 weeks for the banks to clear. However, credit card payments are processed within a day or two, and your cash inflow process is greatly sped up.
Credit cards eliminate the risks of getting bounced checks or unusable currency notes. With credit cards, you can get your payment right away, and not have to worry about the authenticity of the cash or check.

What Are the Risks Involved in Credit Card Payments?

Credit card payments increase the overall efficiency of the business, but the process also brings along some disadvantages, risks and potential threats. Before offering credit card acceptance, you should be aware of the risks involved in taking card payments.

Credit card payments may be fraudulent and can become costlyfor your business. Before offering the payment option, make sure that you purchase a risk-free and up-to-date credit card machine for your business.
Credit card options come with a lot of service charges and transaction charges. You have to carefully evaluate the different options available and choose the machine that bestsuits your business model. If you do not offer international purchases, then maybe you shouldn’t buy a machine which charges you for international transactions.
If there is a chargeback, you will have to do a lot of back-and-forth with a lot of parties, and it can become a hefty task.

There are disadvantages and risks, but the profits earned outweigh the cost.

How to Implement the Best Credit Card Acceptance Method?

Once you have decided to offer credit card payments, you have to choose only the best. Here are some key features to look for in your credit card machine.

The machine should use the latest software for processing and transactions.
The machines should be scalable and offer integration functionalities with your current system.
You should always verify the amount, billing address and shipping address before the transaction is finalized.
The hardware should be capable of managing hundreds of transactions without overheating, shutting down or failing.
The transaction and service charges should only reflect your requirements. You shouldn’t be charged for features that you aren’t using.

Final Thoughts

Ours is the era of digital management, payments, and transactions. It is wise to step up and offer the latest payment options to the customers. It will not only boost your business and brand recognition, but it will also enhance the efficiency of your business and day-to-day tasks.

Businesses need to evolve, or else they are left behind. Research well before investing in a credit card payment option.