Attorney general to cut woke training for civil servants and urges private sector to ‘remove it’


ATTORNEY General Suella Braverman said civil servants have been instructed not to spend resources on woke diversity training and called on firms in the private sector to follow suit.

She told GB News: “I have nothing against tolerant and inclusive and meritocratic workplaces. Don’t get me wrong, but what I do have a problem with is the indoctrination of very fair-minded, professional and reasonable people with a left-wing and politicised ideology which engenders a particular view of race and gender.

“What I found happening in my department is that thousands of hours were being spent on training government lawyers on really questionable issues, though it was all premised on a mis-assumption, in my view, that the ethnic minorities, myself as an Asian woman, must necessarily be a victim of white privilege must necessarily be a victim of white fragility.

“These ideas are anathema to meritocracy, to British values, to creating a cohesive society.

“I was really disappointed that a lot of time and resource is being spent on this within my department within the civil service, but also within the corporate and private sector as well.”

Speaking in an interview during Breakfast with Stephen Dixon and Isabel Webster on GB News, she added: “I think there’s been a takeover of the human resources sector by politicised lobby groups, which have pushed propagated a particular view of gender and race and equalities and that’s inculcated training and under the guise of diversity equality and inclusion.

“Professionals are being taught this really questionable material and I don’t think that that is right. These decisions have not been made by ministers.

“They’ve been made by senior civil servants and people who have responsibility for more operational deployment within the civil service.

“I really urge executives in the private sector, I urge fellow ministers to look more closely at what taxpayers money is being spent on and to remove it when they get a chance, that’s what I’ve instructed our civil servants to do

“Effectively, it’s a waste of money and actually that vital Civil Service resource should be used in a much more meaningful way like, for example, actually delivering public services for the British people.”

Asked about where the ideology comes from, Ms Braverman said: “It does come from the left, definitely because some of these ideas like white privilege are based on critical race theory that’s espoused generally by the left.

“It’s a feature of a particular politicised view of race and gender. Intersectionality is another term as well espoused generally by the left.

“It’s a particular political ideology. It’s questionable, I don’t agree with it. I know many people in Britain don’t agree with it. I know many of my constituents in Fareham, don’t agree with it.

“It’s not what British values are about, it’s not a positive vision of our country, it is not meritocratic.

“It’s actually patronising, it’s disempowering, and it’s divisive.”