Auto Trader has published a list of the best electric and hybrid cars


Auto Trader has published a list of the best electric and hybrid cars according to affordability, luxury and range

The Renault Zoe has been named the best budget option, while the Tesla Model S has been named as the best for long ranges

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with prices coming down and mileage range going up, electric models are rapidly becoming a more viable and sensible option for today’s car buyer. Such cars also have the advantage of emitting no tailpipe emissions or pollutants, and the cost of charging them up is smaller than the cost of filling up a fuel tank.

Auto Trader has revealed the best electric cars of 2018. From the best value to the best luxury option, these are the best electric cars for every taste:

The best budget option
Renault Zoe
The Renault Zoe has been ranked as the best budget option. It’s one of the cheaper options on offer, and it can also be bought on a deal where you lease the battery from Renault, making the purchase price even more affordable. What’s more, the Zoe is smart-looking with a hi-tech interior, and also has a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating.

The best for long ranges
Tesla Model S
A single charge of the Tesla Model S can get you almost 400 miles, making it a more viable option for consumers wanting to do more than pop into town. It boasts serious performance and some clever interior technology including a 17-inch touch-screen up front.

The most aspirational
BMW i3
BMW has delivered a truly aspirational electric car, thanks not only to its badge, but also to its sharp, innovative design. It gives you plenty of speed and fun handling, too. The i3 car comes with a premium price tag, but you certainly get a premium product for your money.

The most understated
Volkswagen e-Golf
The e-Golf looks a lot like its non-electric counterpart, except with blue-tinted headlights and a different front grille. And, like any other Golf, it boasts all the same attributes – meaning high quality, family car practicality and a sophisticated driving experience – but with the added bonus of zero exhaust pollutants.

The best British-built option
Nissan Leaf
The British-built Leaf was the first vehicle to convince people in large numbers that an electric car was something to consider, and now there’s a new one. Built in Sunderland, with an improved battery, more power, bigger range and better affordability, it is the perfect option for the middleweight buyer.

Auto Trader has also announced the electric cars it’s anticipating in the imminent future, with more and more models due to enter the electric car market in the coming months: