Award Winner Christian Konopatzki Does It Again! The Corporate Vision Winner of 2021


The world of business is a difficult place to succeed, particularly given the current climate. Those that do succeed need the recognition and praise that they deserve. This couldn’t be truer for Christian Konopatzki who has not only succeeded in the affiliate marketing sector but is smashing all expectations out of the park. Yet again he has shown just how much effort goes in to running a highly successful and rewarding business and has been awarded the Corporate Vision Small Business Award for the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager in 2021.

This accolade is no surprise to many as Christian Konopatzki was also the recent recipient of the Golden Time Talent Marketing Award. Presenting this award, the judges noted that “Konopatzki has proven himself to be one of the most innovative and cutting edge marketers looking to scale their global marketing know how to a broader audience”. With comments like this from industry leading judges, it’s no surprise that another award was on the cards.

The Corporate Vision Small Business Awards are an internationally respected organisation who celebrates small enterprises and their hard working owners. Receiving one of these awards is no easy feat which with only a handful of businesses and entrepreneurs wining the awards each year. Starting in 2016, the Corporate Visions Small Business Awards are back with a bang for 2021. This year they are focusing heavily on success. Stating “Success is not based on the size of a business, the number of their employees or the annual turnover. But instead, the level of success is demonstrated through innovation, great products and services and an exemplary reputation, both within their industry and with their clients and customers.”

Corporate Visions collection of business awards such as The Global Business Awards, Franchise Awards and Ecommerce and Online Retail Awards all have extremely high marking criteria. Once identified, candidates are asked to present a case file stating their previous accolades, what they feel success looks like and how they fit into that criteria. All entries are assessed by the highly respected judging panel and shortlisted. Once this shortlisting occurs, there is a rigorous assessment process which each candidate must go through.

A team of researchers assess all submitted materials and present a case for each candidate based on the following criteria. They assess excellence in:

  • Client dedication
  • Business Growth
  • Longevity
  • Innovation
  • Business Performance
  • Customer Feedback
  • Online Reputation

Once this assessment process is over, the researchers are able to analyse the data and confer as to who has truly excelled in the Small Business category. Christian Konopatzki clearly made a lasting impression when going through this assessment process because, despite being pitted against some of the top influencers and innovators globally, has been awarded the 2021 Corporate Vision Small Business Award for the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager.

This coveted award is of great significance to those in the Small Business world. Working hard for your goals and striving for excellence is always something that should be commended, but with such strict criteria and thorough assessment process, it’s no surprise that this award is so sought after. Small businesses across the globe compete for this internationally recognized award. The Judging Panel for this particular award is made up of 4 top industry leaders.

Martyn Walters, the Corporate Visions Lead Researcher has a particular interest in identifying those who work hard to excel in the business world. Jeremy Roe is Head of Research and compares data analytically in order to find a successful business across the board. Laura Hunter is the Awards Manager who looks for businesses with scalability and growth potential. Steve Simpson is the Corporate Visions Senior Awards Executive who is dedicated to helping award winners make the most of their exposure and recognition when receiving an award.

Despite the strict criteria and high level of expectation, Christian Konopatzki was identified and proven to be a worthy winner. The CEO of his company CTARS, Konopatzki started his ecommerce platform from the ground up. It wasn’t long before Konopatzki was becoming a notable name in affiliate marketing and print on demand services. He truly understands the meaning of hard work and has now surpassed over 100000 units of merchandise sales online.

His Affiliate Marketing business CTARS, based in Dubai, focuses on teaching others how to utilise the benefits of affiliate marketing in order to grow their own success. This level of teaching and nurturing newer talent in the industry definitely helped him to win the Small Business Affiliate Marketing Manager Award for 2021 and it won’t be a surprise to many if several of his proteges win it in future years as well. Speaking on his mentoring of younger talent, Konopatzki said “I have been so lucky with the life that I’m leading, and I want to give something back. I am always here to give advice to those in the affiliate marketing field.”

Konopatzki identified the need for individuals to grow a business without necessarily having a physical product and came up with a solution to work around that. With Affiliate Marketing being such a broad and accessible industry, it allows anyone to become a success and that’s what CTARS prides themselves on. Looking to be a disrupter in the traditional marketing sector, Konopatzki wants to use his own success and experience to help others understand the potential of affiliate marketing.

The Corporate Vision Award winners receive not only the recognition of their hard work and dedication but also receive a great deal of support and media coverage through Corporate Vision themselves. Offering a range of promotional packages for winners, small businesses are able to benefit from free publicity, publications in the internationally distributed Corporate Vision magazine and additional advertising opportunities as well. With Corporate Vision having such a global reach, this is the sort of prize money can’t buy!

Along with global publications, Corporate Vision aspires to help businesses in all sectors across the world to work better, smarter and achieve results. Offering advice, guidance and industry linked research, they are the go to information point for many businesses around the world. Winning a Corporate Vision Small Business Award, competing against thousands of other entries and coming out on top just goes to show the level of excellence and success a company has achieved.

Christian Konopatzki has shown just this as once again he proves that his innovative approach to affiliate marketing stands him head and shoulders above the rest in his industry. Despite this success, Konopatzki isn’t showing any signs of taking it easy. In fact, Konopatzki is now using his internationally acclaimed success to further develop and mentor those who would like to pursue a career like his.  Using a combination of books, Konopatzki is looking to help mentor newer affiliate marketers and help them to achieve success as he did.

Focusing on creating a relationship with consumers rather than the traditional style of shallow selling, these books will teach future affiliate marketers how to manage the technology, the algorithms and most importantly, the relationship needed between seller and buyer. All of this is already proving to be very successful for Konopatzki and CTARS, so it’ll be no surprise when it helps to make successful marketers out of thousands of other individuals too.

Konopatzki has not only proven his success in the affiliate marketing industry, but he has been earned the respect and praise that comes with the Corporate Vision Small Business Award for Best Affiliate Marketing Manager of 2021. Succeeding all others’ expectations, Konopatzki continues to strive for excellence and to teach others how to achieve it too. This award was truly well earnt and well deserved.