Award-winning film “Retribution” is making its way to Hollywood


Retribution” is a short film, with a big impact.  It was the brainchild of its lead actor Daniel Stisen; a former bodybuilder, with an Arnold Schwarzenegger mentality, who is now appearing in Hollywood action films.

The film was directed by photographer Nick Wall, whose work includes portraits of David Bowie, Alec Baldwin, Will Smith, Martin Scorsese and many other celebrities in the world of film and television.  He also notably worked as the set photographer of “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “The Woman In Black”, “The Infiltrator” and many other significant Hollywood films.

Together with an amazing cast and crew, Daniel and Nick created the short film “Retribution” as a pilot for a full-feature version, which is planned to cast Hollywood royalty.

Global success

Over the past few months, “Retribution” has stormed film festivals and won The Audience Award + Best Editor at TMFF in Edinburgh, as well as Best Action + Best Fight at Oniros Film Festival in Italy and Merit in Los Angeles.  It has also been awarded in the Norwegian film magazine with a 5 Star / Dish 5 out of 6, which is the same rating given to “Ready Player One”.

The film has also been a prequel movie on several “Ready Player One” premiere screenings.  It has received 10 nominations and has been nominated at every festival it’s been submitted to, with more expected over the coming months.  Hollywood has opened its eyes to Daniel Stisen, who plays the lead role of the Hobo in “Retribution”.